This Video Asks “What Would the World Be Like Without Black People?”

The Jubilee Project is the brainchild of three friends who came together with the goal of bringing change to the world. Their latest project is a video titled “World Without Black People.”

The video includes a crew talking to people on the street of different races and asking them the sobering question of “What would the world be like without black people?” At first, most are shocked by the question and default to a lack of direct contributions that would be missing from the world – black music, black culture, etc. But the conversation soon takes a turn towards a deeper subject manner.

Cleveland Wants Tamir Rice’s Family To Pay $500 For Ambulance Ride

Cleveland police officers killed Tamir Rice within seconds of getting to the scene after receiving calls of a “man” with a gun in 2014. Rice was 12 years old and holding a toy gun. Regardless, he was shot dead in moments and a grand jury chose to not indict the officer responsible.

To make matters worse for the grieving family, the city of Cleveland is now charging Rice’s family $500 for his last ambulance ride, according to Yahoo News.