Trump pokes the bear that is North Korea with latest tweets

Here we are again. Examining how the President of the United States is on the verge of sparking international conflict with the tapping of his thumbs on a smart phone.

In President Trump’s latest newsworthy tweets, he called out North Korea’s leadership for their latest threat of nuclear assault. In other words, he’s calling their bluff by poking the bear to see if it’ll do anything. 

Parents of Gabriel Taye, child who died by suicide after bullying, sue school district

**Trigger warning: this article makes mention of death by suicide**

Gabriel Taye, 8, hanged himself in his home after being bullied by students. His parents are now suing the Cincinnati school district for not acting on the bullying that led to his suicide.

Security footage shows Gabriel falling unconscious in a school bathroom after talking to another student. The footage goes on to show other students inspecting him before adults came to the scene to check on him.

‘Get Out’ is 2017’s most profitable movie so far

There are still big wigs in Hollywood who feel that casting anyone other than white people in films is a gamble. So the past year must have been a real shocker for them. Luke Cage broke Netflix. Girls Trip is still receiving rave reviews and killing the box office. Now, Get Out is proven to be the most profitable film of 2017 so far. 

Chicago sues federal government for targeting sanctuary cities

Many of the Trump administration’s values directly contradict those of the country’s largest cities. While Trump is strongly against the immigration of undocumented citizens, cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles and even Atlanta have taken on the approach of being “welcoming” to them. This separation has now led to legal action.

Chicago has become the first city to file a lawsuit against the federal government over what it feels is unfair punishment for being a “sanctuary city” where all citizens, including the undocumented, can feel safer.

Another NFL team passes on Colin Kaepernick for an arguably inferior quarterback

As NFL training camps get started, teams are starting to get a feel for what their final 52-man rosters will look like once the regular season kicks off. This is the time of year where players are cut, replaced, traded and then some for teams to get what they feel is the best group possible.

After yet another team deciding to go with an arguably subpar player, it’s starting to look like Colin Kaepernick may not make a team anytime soon. 

Harvard’s incoming freshman class is majority non-white

Harvard University has been welcoming students for more than 380 years and, until now, every incoming class has been mostly comprised of white students. Through years of working to better diversify its student body, Harvard's classes have grown progressively more representative as time goes on.

Now, for the very first time, the esteemed institution's incoming class is a majority non-white. 

Haiti bans same-sex marriage and threatens “accomplices” with prison time and fines

The views on same-sex marriage and support of the LGBTQ community may change drastically depending on where you go. Many countries are moving towards a progressive future where people are allowed to openly love who they want. But many others are standing firm in their beliefs rooted in homophobia, like Haiti.

NewNowNext reports that Haitian officials not only voted to ban same-sex marriage, but agreed to punish any “parties, co-parties and accomplices” with up to 3 years in prison and an $8,000 fine.

Another retired Black NFL player is telling Kaepernick to be ‘low-key’ about his activism

Colin Kaepernick did nothing wrong. I’ll repeat that as many times as I have to until people get it. Despite that fact, the former [and hopefully soon-to-be current] NFL player is being crucified after his protests of the National Anthem last season.

NFL teams are avoiding him as if he has something contagious and are electing to bring on players who are clearly less talented to fill spots he’s more than qualified for. So what’s he got to do to get onto a roster? Well, former NFL player and fellow black quarterback Kordell Stewart thinks he has the answer: Kaep should just be quiet.