Woman Forced To Appear In Louisville Court With No Pants After Days In Custody

For many people, having to appear in court before a judge for a criminal charge is already a humiliating experience. But imagine having to do so after spending days being denied necessary hygiene products and even pants. That is exactly what happened to a woman who appeared in Louisville court this past week after spending more than 70 hours in custody.

Chicago Teen Dies From Asthma Attack After Witnessing Shooting

Jessica Williams, 16, was at a birthday celebration for her late cousin who was killed in 2012. After an altercation at the event, allegedly over a parking space, four people were shot and two of them died from their wounds.

According to DNA Info, Williams, who was heading into her sophomore year at Chicago Vocational Career Academy, reportedly began to have an asthma attack after running from the fatal shooting. She later died from the attack.

Man Who Filmed Eric Garner’s Death Sues New York For $10 Million

Ramsey Orta filmed Eric Garner being choked to death by New York police officers. Orta is now facing four years in prison after taking a plea deal on gun and drug charges that he feels were brought against him in retaliation and plans to take the city of New York to prove it. There’s also $10 million on the line, according to the New York Post.

Body Cam Footage Released Of Police Detaining Iowa Football Player

By now, stories of Pokemon Go players ending up in all kinds of awkward situations have surfaced, including strolls through mine fields and discovering dead bodies. But a University of Iowa football player recently found himself “”with four gun barrels staring me in the face,” according to his Facebook account of the experience. Body cam footage has now been released to verify his experience, according to ABC. 

Dr. Dre Detained By Police At His Own Home After Caller Claims He Was Armed

Dr. Dre was briefly detained in a patrol car in front of his home this Monday morning after a caller claimed he was carrying a gun, according to CNN.

Dre told authorities that he asked the driver of a vehicle that was blocking his driveway to move. The driver reportedly did so, but then returned, prompting the hip-hop mogul to approach them a second time.

Charges Dropped Against Baltimore Officers Connected To Freddie Gray’s Death

Six officers were brought up on charges related to the April 2015 murder of Freddie Gray. Following a mistrial in December and multiple acquittals in May, June and July, prosecutors have decided to drop all charges for the remaining officers, according to the Baltimore Sun.

The announcement was made this Wednesday during a pretrial hearing for Officer Garrett Miller.