Ghana Prepares To Ban Skin Bleaching Products

Skin bleaching is a method used by people across the globe to make their skin lighter for a multitude of troubling reasons – most of which take root in colorism and placing much higher value in lighter skin than darker skin.

Putting all of the moral complications to the side, the main ingredient in skin bleaching products, hydroquinone, has been found to cause cancer in its users. As a result, the country of Ghana will be banning the sale of the product within its borders starting this August.

Five Texas Teens Arrested For Racist Graffiti On Rival High School

School rivalries can get intense and before you know it you may look up and feel that you have a genuine dislike for the students from across the way. But hate is a different level altogether and has no place. And that hate being used as a platform for racist and anti-transgender rhetoric is unacceptable.

Five Texas teenagers have learned this lesson after being arrested for reportedly spray painting “Whites Only” over a rival high school’s water fountain and “Trans Only” near a bathroom. 

High School Student Escorted Out Of Graduation For Wearing Kente Cloth

Far too many children are having life-long memories either taken away or ruined for nothing else than being themselves. Whether it be because of a poem, a goatee or a kente cloth, this is getting far out of hand.

Nyree Holmes was set to participate in graduation from Cosumnes Oaks High School in Elk Grove, California. However, the school had a strict graduation dress code which only included caps, gowns and any cords or medals to commemorate academic awards received. 

Principal Responds To Email Criticizing Graduation Procedures After Student Is Killed

Myneisha Johnson was tragically killed a week before her graduation from Booker T. Washington High School in Memphis. To honor the young woman’s hard work, the school allowed her grandmother and 1-year-old son to accept her diploma.

This is usually seen as a touching honor – something similar happened with a friend when I was in college – but apparently it doesn’t sit well with everyone. The school’s Principal Alisha Coleman-Kiner shared an email exchange that she had with a concerned citizen about the message it sends, according to FOX13.

Illinois Now Has The Nation’s Highest Unemployment Rate

The tenure of Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has been one of controversy, especially stemming from the stalemate he’s involved in with the state legislature that’s put multiple colleges and universities in financial distress. To add to that, the Chicago Reporter has declared that Illinois now has the highest unemployment rate in the United States.

While unemployment has steadily gotten lower throughout the nation, Illinois’ has only gone up since Rauner’s been in his position. Before the Republican governor took office, the state was in the “middle of the pack.”

Michigan Man Gets Residency At Hospital That Saved His Life 9 Years Ago

In 2007, Kevin Morton Jr. was a 22-year-old college student who worked nights at a Detroit Arby’s. His plan was to work through school and go into pharmaceuticals. Then he was robbed one night while closing, shot in the abdomen and left with a 10 percent chance to live through the night.

With the help of Dr. Dharti Sheth-Zelmanski and the staff at Detroit’s St. John’s hospital, Morton survived the incident and spent the next 50 days recovering. The experience completely changed Morton’s life and career goals and inspired him to go into medicine. Now, nine years later, he’s started his residency at that same hospital where his life was saved.

Bill O’Reilly Blames ‘Black Lives Matter’ For “Killing Americans”

We don’t spend a lot of time covering Bill O’Reilly’s hot takes because they’re usually just that. They’re often contrarian by design and outlandish enough to not be taken at face value. But some of his recent comments must be addressed.

This past week, O’Reilly went on-air to to blame the Black Lives Matter movement and what’s being called the “Ferguson Effect” on a supposed new crime wave.

2 Officers Charged With Freddie Gray’s Death Sue Marilyn Mosby

On May 1st, Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby held a press conference where she announced that the six officers involved in the arrest of Freddie Gray, which lead to his death in their custody, would be brought up on charges. Mosby has been under a microscope as of late due to one of the officers being acquitted and another receiving a new trial.

Now, two of the officers that have been charged are suing Mosby with claims that her accusations were both false and made with malice. The officers are charging the prosecutor with two counts of defamation and two counts of invasion of privacy, according to Baltimore Sun.

Justice Department Seeks Death Penalty For Dylan Roof

Dylan Roof, the (alleged) shooter of a historically black church in South Carolina, may receive the harshest punishment possible if convicted. According to the Grio, the Justice Department is seeking the death penalty tied to his nine counts of murder. Roof’s attorneys reportedly say they were considering a guilty plea until the death penalty became a part of the possible sentencing.

“The nature of the alleged crime and the resulting harm compelled this decision,” said Attorney General Loretta Lynch in a brief statement. It went on to say that the department considered “all relevant factual and legal issues.”

New York Police Commissioner Blames Shooting On Rap Music

For as long as rap has existed, there’s been a population of people that look at and only see something negative. While there are absolutely some parts of hip-hop culture that are concerning and problematic, there are also many good. But, recent words from a New York City Officer is casting doubt on the entire genre.

Four people were shot in a New York City venue during a T.I. performance, including the suspect now shown on video appearing to shoot into a crowd, a New York rapper known as Troy Ave, according to The New York Times. Immediately after the incident, New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton came out to condemn rap music for creating an environment where this kind of tragedy could occur.