Church Connects HBCUs and High School Students For $2 Million In Scholarships

The Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, Va. has been helping make education more accessible to black students for decades. It’s most recent method of doing so has been the Annual HBCU College Festival.

The 14th Annual HBCU College Festival was held this past February at T.C. Williams High School and brought in more than 3,000 students from all over the country. By placing students in the same room as representatives of some of the country’s top Historically Black Colleges and Universities, more than 1,000 students were admitted into at least one institution and received more $2.1 million in scholarships, according to the Root.

Michigan Approves Nearly $50 Million For Detroit Public Schools

It was recently reported that Detroit Public Schools may be in danger of closing after April 8 due to a lack of funding and an inability to pay staff. It appeared that the only way to keep the school system open through the end of the school-year was for the state of Michigan to provide nearly $50 million.

Thursday, March 17, the Michigan House of Representatives passed a vote of 104-5 to allocate $48.7 to DPS, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Northwestern Introducing Asian American Studies Major In Fall

After a battle that Northwestern University students started more than 20 years ago, the Evanston, IL school will introduce an Asian American Studies major this upcoming fall, according to NBC News.

The Asian American Studies program was created almost 20 years ago after student protests, which included a 23 day hunger strike that started on April 12, 1995. Now, the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences is taking the next step and making the program available as a major for the first time.

Academy Awards Works To Increase Diversity With New Appointments

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences was deservingly on the receiving end of public outcry after a second year with a noticeably lack of diversity among nominees. After [hopefully] learning a valuable lesson, the Academy is playing an active role in fixing the problem.

The Academy has added three new governors, all from diverse backgrounds, to leadership positions, that will last for three-year terms, according to Deadline.

Detroit Police Use Pepper Spray During High School Fight

A false fire alarm at Detroit’s Central Collegiate Academy broke out into fights among students that ended with police intervention. According to reports from FOX2, the alarm went off around 1:30 Tuesday afternoon and students claim that bottles and rocks were being thrown at them while they were outside. A brawl reportedly started among students and police used pepper spray to calm the crowd.

Chicago Police Says ‘Typical f—ing ni–ers’ Over Radio And Other Bigotry

The Chicago Police Department is under a microscope for good reason. The Department of Justice is investigating CPD after missteps on all levels regarding Laquan McDonald’s death,  reports of an off-the-record “black site” used for interrogation for years, evidence of officers tampering with dash cams and a long list of other offenses.

The latest mark on the list of things CPD has done wrong comes in the form of a video clip. In the clip, someone believed to be a Chicago police officer can be heard over dispatch referring to other officers and a dispatcher as “typical fucking ni–ers.”

Ta-Nehisi Coates Previews Highly Anticipated ‘Black Panther’ Comic Book

April 6 will surely be a holiday for black nerds as the first issue of Marvel’s latest run of Black Panther, written by Ta-Nehisi Coates, will be released to the public. Like a dream come true, the best black comic book character ever will be in the care of a highly esteemed writer on black identity in the modern era.

Former South Carolina Trooper Pleads Guilty To Shooting Unarmed Black Man

On Sept. 24, 2014, South Carolina State Trooper Sean Groubert pulled over Levar Jones for an alleged seat belt violation. What should’ve been an ordinary traffic stop turned into a violent situation where Groubert shot into Jones car, hitting him in the hip.

Groubert, 32, pleaded guilty to shooting Jones that day and could face up to 20 years for assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, which is the maximum sentence, according to the Huffington Post.