Video Shows Black Man Pleading To Police With Hands Raised Before Being Shot

Charles Kinsey was doing his job when North Miami police arrived to the scene after receiving a call that an armed man was sitting in the middle of a road threatening suicide. In reality, the autistic man had wandered from a mental health center where Kinsey worked and only had a toy truck.

Kinsey followed officers’ orders to lie down on his back with his hands raised but was still shot once in the leg, while the officer fired three times, before being turned over and cuffed, according to the Miami Herald.

Trump Speech Writer Takes Blame For Plagiarism

Millions watched Melania Trump speak on the first day of the Republican National Convention this past Monday. Many of them applauded her for a job well done in her first major speech in support of her husband’s push for the White House. But what they probably didn’t know is that they spent some of their favorite moments cheering First Lady Michelle Obama.

Minutes after the speech was over, Twitter did what Twitter does and called BS on something when they noticed that a noticeable part of Trump’s speech completely mirrored one delivered by Michelle Obama eight years earlier at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. After spending more than a day trying to deflect any accusations of plagiarism, a speech writer has come out to take ownership of the egregious mistake. 

Police Departments Across the Nation Making Tactical Changes Following Shootings

Police across the United States are on high alert following the deaths of 8 officers on two different occasions. As of July 17, 28 officers had been killed this year compared to only 18 during the same period in 2015. As a result, police departments across the country are changing their tactics and requiring their officers to go out on patrol in pairs.

Twitter Permanently Suspends User Following Leslie Jones Harassment

From it’s initial announcement to its release, the new Ghostbusters film with an all-female leading cast has had more than it’s fair share of criticism. Far more. But now that it’s come out and it turns out it’s not even that bad, most of the universal panning that people anticipated turned out to just be a few disgruntled Internet users. Unless you’re Leslie Jones.

For an entire day, Jones used her Twitter account to bring attention to all of the racist, sexist and downright disgusting comments she was targeted with, many of which came from anonymous users commonly referred to as “trolls.”

Yale To Rehire Black Employee Who Broke Window Depicting Slavery

Corey Menafee spent years cleaning Calhoun College, named after slavery advocate and former Vice President John C. Calhoun. Like many others that walked the halls, he always noticed a stained glass window that depicted slaves picking cotton. One day in June, enough was enough and he took his broomstick and smashed the window students have been unsuccessfully protesting for years.

“I thought, I’m tired of looking at this, I’m about to break this,” Menafee said, according to NBC News. “It’s the 21st century, why do I have to go to work and look at this?”

Cedric the Entertainer Hosts 100 Black Celebrities For A Town Hall Meeting

With the recent jump in black celebrities coming out to speak on the political climate in the U.S., it was just a matter of time before they all came together. And Cedric the Entertainer is being touted as the one responsible for making it happen.

A recent Instagram post from the famous comedian shows what was the end result of what’s being called a town hall meeting with 100 black celebrities in attendance. Some of which were Jesse Williams, T.I., Boris Kodjoe, Nicole Ari Parker, Lorenz Tate, Meagan Good and many more.

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