Paul Quinn College Announces African-American Leadership Institute

Paul Quinn College has been playing a role in the advancement of black people since it was founded in 1872 to educate freed slaves. Today, it’s looking for new ways to innovate education and further prove the necessity of HBCU’s moving forward.

The college has recently announced a plan to introduce the African-American Leadership Institute (AALI) with the help of local politicians in the Dallas, TX area including State Senator Royce West. 

Trump Supporters Were Denied Service At A Restaurant, Cite Discrimination

Fact: No one should be denied a service because of who they are or what they believe

Also fact: It’s pretty ironic when supporters of a candidate (whose entire campaign is based on discrimination) are denied a service and are then shocked to see what that discrimination feels like.

Shannon Riggs and her cousins were on the way back from a Donald Trump rally in North Carolina when they decided to get some food from a local restaurant chain called Cook Out. Adorned in full “Make America Great Again” regalia, Riggs and her cousins approached the window to make their order and claim they heard an employee say, “‘Oh, hell no, I’m not serving them.”

Zoe Saldana on race and criticism: ‘I am Black. I’m raising Black men.”

Nina, the film that stars Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone, had a long, hard journey to making it to the big screen. It initially went from office to office and couldn’t pin a lead actress until Saldana joined on. But when the trailer was released, it was the target of a multitude of negative criticisms concerning Saldana being chosen, the use of darker makeup and a prosthetic nose and more.

Now that the film has been released after a five year process, Saldana, who stars in the upcoming Star Trek Beyond film, opened up about her feelings on the criticisms of her racial identity and whether or not she should have portrayed Simone in a cover story with Allure

Stephen A. Smith Tries To Tell Ayesha Curry How To Be A Good Wife

Stephen A. Smith has a bad history of taking misogynistic stances on live television, most often during an taping of his ESPN show, “First Take!” He’s made jokes about women athletes messing up their hair and even gone as far as to say women are responsible in cases of domestic violence against themselves.

But that’s okay because he was “raised by 4 women,” right? Nope.

John McCain Claims Obama Is Personally Responsible For Orlando Shooting

Following the devastating shooting in Orlando that left 49 victims dead, most people are still looking for someone to blame. Some choose to blame terrorism, some mental illness and some gun laws. U.S. Senator John McCain decided to point to one specific person as the blame for the incident – President Barack Obama. Well, his policies, to be more precise.

Alabama Teen May Have Been Killed By Police Officer While Holding Cell Phone

Conflicting reports from authorities and witnesses are leaving a community anxious and frustrated following the death of Michael Moore, 19, at the hands of a police officer in Mobile, AL.

According to Fox 10, an officer pulled Moore over on Monday, June 14, after he allegedly committed a traffic violation. After asking Moore to get out of the car because he was driving without a license, the officer claimed he saw a weapon on his waistband and opened fire four times. 

Howard University To Auction Last Black-Owned Broadcast Station

Black-owned broadcast stations have been endangered and on the brink of extinction for so long that many of us may have let it slip our minds. For 35 years, Howard University’s WHUT station has been the last remaining. But the Federal Communications Commission has announced plans to auction off the property for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Michelle Obama’s Advice To Men Regarding Gender Equality: ‘Be better’

This past weekend was a highlight reel for feminism as huge names graced the stage of the United States of Women Summit. President Barack Obama delivered another frame-worthy quote in his speech by saying, “I may be a little grayer than I was eight years ago, but this is what a feminist looks like.” But the brightest moment may have come from First Lady Michelle Obama.

Freddie Gray Asked For Help During Arrest

As more details come out about Freddie Gray’s murder, it become even clearer that those six police officers present at his death were aware that he was in dire need of help.

Police Officer William Porter testified that Freddie Gray asked him for help during his ride in the back of a Baltimore police van where he suffered a fatal neck injury. While Porter is currently awaiting a retrial for his own involvement this September following a hung jury, he was brought in for the trial of Caesar Goodson Jr., who faces the most serious charges in Gray’s death due to driving the van.