A Georgia family is suing a Stone Mountain Middle School aide and teacher for allegedly disciplining their autistic child with a broomstick. 

After their son Wesley began exhibiting out-of-character behavior, his school brought in a consultant to monitor him in the class room. The consultant reportedly witnessed the use of a thick broomstick, which was slammed a against a desk and poked at Wesley.

The aide and teacher face criminal charges.

From NewsOne:

Wesley’s reacted to the broomstick with a yelped and covered his head, according to the report. The paraprofessional said, “This is what we have to do. We have to instill fear in him.”

“If they had the audacity to use a broom handle in front of a third-party, what are they doing when someone isn’t there?,” the boy’s father laments.

According to an unnamed DeKalb County representative, Wesley’s paraprofessional resigned last week. School district administrators are also reportedly firing the teacher who is in charge of Wesley’s classroom. The District Attorney’s office also confirmed to WSB-TV that they had received the case last Thursday and are investigating the allegations.

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