Trayvon Martin’s autopsy results reportedly show trace amounts of THC in his system at the time of his death. They also show that he was shot from close range, suggesting that a physical altercation occurred.

What the autopsy doesn’t explain is why he was stalked, harrassed, and murdered. Go figure.

These “revelations” will definitely be manipulated to the advantange of the defense when the case goes to trial later this year. But they certainly won’t explain why George Zimmerman pursued Trayvon Martin after specifically being instructed not to; or how Trayvon Martin wound up dead during a harmless walk home from a convenience store.

From Loop21:

Martin’s family’s attorneys have previously confirmed that the 17-year-old was serving a suspension from school the night he was shot – after school officials found a small baggie containing marijuana residue was found in his book bag

Zimmerman initially told police that Martin appeared “drugged out” when he first spotted him walking alone and in the rain. It is possible his legal team could cite the toxicology report as evidence that Martin could have been under the influence of drugs and was the aggressor.”

For the record, these autopsy results do not change the fact that Trayvon Martin was minding his own business, walking back to his father’s home, when he was stalked and approached by a stranger.

Wearing a hoodie, or smoking weed (or walking while black) does not justify murder.

From NewsOne’s Kristen West Savali:

“In an attempt to sift through the spin that mainstream media is attempting to play up for page views and ad clicks, I thought it might be beneficial to point out one thing:

It wouldn’t matter if Trayvon had a joint in his pocket and beat the hell out of George Zimmerman in an attempt to protect himself, it still could not minimize the fact that this child — Tracy and Sybrina’s baby — was profiled, menaced, then viciously murdered by a vigilante neighborhood watch captain with a God complex who couldn’t just stay in his vehicle.

I wish someone would “break” that news.”


Is news of THC in Trayvon’s system relevant?

Why wasn’t George Zimmerman drug tested at the time of the murder?

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