Anthony C. Spence’s pay has been suspended by the Baltimore City Public Schools district ever since he and another officer were arrested and charged after he was caught on video hitting and kicking a student. According to the Root, a felony child-abuse charge against Spence was dropped

Warren Brown, Spence’s defense attorney, claims that the student his client allegedly attacked on video spit on the officer. He also claimed that the student rarely was present at school and that day was his first appearance in months, presumably to receive a bus pass.

“When it’s all said and done and the evidence is laid out, whether it’s a judge or jury that’s hearing the case, they should have some concern about the action of the victim of this case,” Brown said, according to the Baltimore Sun. “It’s a vile act that yields an emotional response.”

Now that the felony charge has been dropped, Spence still has to battle two misdemeanor charges for second-degree assault and misconduct. However, he hopes that Baltimore City Public Schools will place him back on the payroll given the latest advancements in his case.

“We can’t give [school police officers] carte blanche, but by the same token, they’re human beings,” he said. “You spit on somebody, you should expect that there’s going to be a physical reaction. You’re assuming the risk. That’s just the reality.”

Photo Courtesy: Twitter