A series of best-selling books could be written about what happens in a president’s last hours in office. What do they do? Sit in the oval office one last time and spin around in the chair? Crack open a bottle of scotch they got on the first day? We may never truly know.

But we have found out that Barack Obama was still pushing forward with his political agenda hours before Donald Trump made the White House his base of operations. 

According to The Independent, President Obama sent $221 million to Palestinian Authority in the final moments of his presidency.

A grand total of $227 million was spent early Friday morning. The rest went to climate change programs and U.N. organizations to fight sexual exploitation and support peacekeeping efforts.

The money that was sent to the Palestinian Authority was earlier put on hold by Republican congressman, but this was more of a suggestion and not legally binding. Nevertheless, the move probably came as a shocker to many lawmakers. The funds will be used for humanitarian aid in West Bank and Gaza.