According to recent plans announced by retail chain Barneys, there will be a whole bunch of policing going on. An internal memo sent to store security said the chain would start keeping a log of which police officers used its security rooms. 

From Associated Press:

The memo obtained by The Associated Press said Barneys would maintain video and audio surveillance of the room where security staff and police watch monitors set up around the store. The memo also said that any officer using the room shall provide “a reasonable description of the individual or individuals that they wish to place under surveillance and the reason the police wish to place such individuals under surveillance.”

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The announcement comes after two black shopper publicly accused the store and the NYPD with racial profiling. Trayon Christian sued Barneys, saying that he was unfairly accused of fraud after purchasing a $350 belt with his own bank card. Kayla Phillips, 21, filed a notice saying she would sue after detectives stopped her outside the New York flagship store when she bought a $2,500 handbag.

An NYPD spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the Barneys memo.

This is nothing short of interesting.

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