Black students at the University of Michigan have advanced their movement for a more inclusive and equal campus.

The petition labeled, “University of Michigan: Support Your Black Students,” is addressed to Dr. Mary Sue Coleman, president of the university. 

From MoveOn:

The University of Michigan’s lack of sustained commitment to diversity has fueled student protest. We support the students of UM and urge you to take all of the appropriate means to address the claims of Michigan’s undergraduate black student population. #moveblueforward

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Late last year, black students on campus used the Twitter hashtag #BBUM to call attention to the university’s harsh climate and declining enrollment among its black students. The petition is the latest move towards creating a more tolerant and inclusive environment for all students.

The students are demanding that more emergency scholarships for black students in need of financial support be available, along with an increase in black enrollment to 10 percent.

A spokesperson for the university stated that university officials plan to meet with students.

View and sign the petition here.

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