Sometimes, two equally troubling stories come together to create one that’s even more concerning. That’s precisely what happened at Belmont University recently as a student was expelled after posting a racist comment about NFL players on Snapchat. 

Kansas State University recently cut ties with a student who posted a picture of herself in blackface and using racist language. In a completely separate story, voices have come out all over the nation criticizing athletes protesting the National Anthem.

An unnamed student at the private school in Nashville took a picture of players from the Philadelphia Eagles raising their fists during the National Anthem and made his displeasure quite clear.

“Piece of [s–t n–gers]. Every one of them needs a damn bullet in their head. If you don’t like this country get the hell out,” the caption read.

“We reject comments rooted in racism or bigotry. This is not free speech—this is hate speech,” read a statement from the school. “As a Christian institution, it is our goal to build a diverse and inclusive community where all members feel accepted, safe and valued.”

Photo Credit: SnapChat