Tim Scott (R-South Carolina) may be the United States’ most recent black Senator(-elect), but that does not mean that his appointment as the junior senator from South Carolina should be regarded as a move towards racial equality. Ben Jealous, President of the NAACP, has called out Scott on his horrible record on civil rights:

Jealous […] appeared on CNN Wednesday night. When asked if he was critical of Scott because of his party affiliation, he said it was primarily the senator’s record on civil rights.

“No, look we have Republicans who believe in civil rights. Unfortunately, he is not one of them,” said Jealous. “And unfortunately, his party has really gone after so-called ‘RINOS’ as they call them, these Republicans who believe in civil rights again and again.”

The NAACP leader focused on Scott’s “F” rating during his tenure in the House, comparing him to white congressman who routinely receive high marks on the organization’s report card.

“You know, for us it’s always about what’s in folks’ hearts,” Jealous said. “We have people like Congressman Cohen out of Memphis, white congressman, who gets an ‘A’ on our report card, and we have congressman like Senator Tim Scott, who is black, gets an ‘F’ on the report card every year … But when I look at him, I say quite frankly as one of my old coaches would say about me at a sport I wasn’t so good at, he has nothing but potential. There is nothing but room for him to improve, and we would hope that he would not continue to get F’s on the NAACP report card.”


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Is Jealous’ criticism of Scott fair? Is it prime time for blacks and other people of color to point out racial progress not by looking at the number of faces in government that look like theirs but rather by those representatives who enact and support policies that will help their communities?


In this political climate, can there be a black Republican who does not seek to undermine civil rights?

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