For a lot of kids, the one bright spot in an afternoon of running errands is getting to play the demo version of video games in the electronics section of a store. But this moment of bliss was often followed by the sad realization that you’d have to leave and go home soon, most likely without the game.

A wonderful crew of employees at a New York Best Buy watched a young boy come in everyday and go through that same experience. So they saw an opportunity to make his day by presenting him with his very own WiiU.

“On behalf of all of us here at Best Buy, we got you a WiiU,” the employees told the child in a video that’s now gone viral, “so you don;t have to come here everyday and play.”

“No for real, this is for you. Consider it an early Christmas present,” an employee said after the boy was speechless to ABC.

The staff even made sure he got a cop of Super Smash Bros. – because, what’s the point of a game system with no games? – and drove him home to make sure he made it there safely.

“I just saw a bit of myself in him,” said store manager Rahiem Storr. “Because when I was a kid, I used to also come to a lot of the stores. My mom, she really couldn’t afford some of the stuff herself. If we’re able to give him something, why not?”

Watch a video of the encounter below and consider the ways that you can make someone this happy during the holidays and after.

Photo Credit: YouTube