In the wake of the announcement of Beyonce’s $50 million endorsement deal with Pepsi, reaction from the public has been mixed.

As Clutch Magazine notes, many are congratulating Bey on a major career milestone, while others view the endorsement of a sugary, decidedly unhealthy soft drink as hypocritical.

As you might recall, Beyonce was a very high profile advocate for First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign.

Should she be endorsing a healthier product?

From Clutch:

One commenter said: “Parkinson’s, heart disease, obesity, stroke and Alzheimer’s tincture. Another celebrity getting paid to keep America on their mainline like heroine. I respectfully decline supporting this travesty.”

Another writes: “With diabetes and other ailments at an all time high, one would wonder why celebrities who claim to care so much about their fans would endorse soda. Almighty dollar.”

While Pepsi isn’t great for your health, is it Beyoncé’s responsibility to make sure America drinks less soda?


Beyonce’s highly-anticipated Pepsi ad will air during the Super Bowl on February 3rd.

The R&B diva will also perform during the half time show.


Do you fault Beyonce for collaborating with Pepsi?

Is there anything wrong with sugary drinks in moderation?

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