Our girl Beyonce is reportedly set to star in yet another musical.

And although we’d love it if B showed maybe just little bit more range in her acting roles (Am I the only one that was begrudgingly entertained by Obsessed?), this latest foray onto the big screen might be the role she’s been waiting for.

Beyonce has been cast as the lead in a remake of the 1937 classic A Star Is Born. And the legendary Clint Eastwood is in talks to direct the film.

A Star Is Born has been remade quite a few times since its 1937 premiere, most famously in 1976, with Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson cast in the lead roles. The film centers around an aspiring female entertainer who falls in love with an established male star. As her star rises, his begins to fade in equal measure, and a whole lotta drama ensues.

I think it’s safe to say that Beyonce has essentially conquered Hollywood with her previous film roles, with Dreamgirls being the obvious example. But Jennifer Hudson undoubtedly stole the show in that film, so A Star Is Born might be Beyonce’s best chance at Oscar gold. And with Clint Eastwood in the director’s chair, I’m inclined to take the production seriously.

The key to this film’s success will definitely be whom they choose to cast as the male lead. Beyonce is not the greatest actor, but if they can find someone with whom she has genuine on-screen chemistry, this could be amazing.

Are you excited to see the remake of A Star Is Born? Who would you cast as the male lead in the film? Or do think Beyonce should just give it up and stick to music?

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