First it was her use of the Space Shuttle Challenger audio for her song “XO.” Now, Beyoncé has made a few people angry due to a photo she uploaded to her Instagram account.

In the picture, the star is seen posing in front of a painting of “The Last Supper.” The problem is that she is sitting in the spot reserved for Jesus. 

From Christian Post:

“Is nothing sacred anymore? This is clearly an act of disrespect towards Jesus Christ, whom Beyoncé covers up with her pose,” Tim Wildmon, president of American Family Association, said in a statement. “This had to be done intentionally. However, you will not see the media condemn her for offending Christians in the same way they did Phil Robertson for offending homosexuals because there is a double-standard. Christians are the only group in America you can bash with impunity.”

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The star sat centered in front of the painting, which is based on the Gospel of John and depicts Jesus’ last meal with his disciples. Beyoncé was at a Miami juice bar, and the painting was Andy Warhol’s rendition of the historic event.

Thoughts on the photo? Is it offensive?

Fans call her “Beysus,” she has members of her “Beyhive,” are supporters responsible for this type of behavior by portraying Beyoncé as more than human? 

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