If you’ve ever seen “The O’Reilly Factor,” you’d swear that Bill O’Reilly doesn’t like black people.

Here’s one more thing to confirm that notion, or at the very least solidify his ignorance.

His argument is that Trayvon Martin died because he looked like a “gangsta.”

From Newsone:

“The reason Trayvon Martin died is because he looked a certain way, and it wasn’t based on skin color. If Trayvon Martin had been wearing a jacket like you are and a tie, Mr. West, this evening, I don’t think George Zimmerman would’ve had any problem. But he was wearing a hoodie, and he looked a certain way, and that way is how gangstas look. And therefore he got attention.” said O’Reilly.

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O’Reilly goes on to explain that race wasn’t a factor at all in the teen’s death, but his perpetuation of the “gangsta” mentality that got him killed.

He cites the hoodie as the “dastardly symbol of violence,” and goes on to say that if Martin had dressed like he had sense, Zimmerman would not have profiled him.


The problem is that this form of thinking places total blame solely on the victim. Not the gun-toting neighborhood watchman that killed him. 


Thoughts on O’Reilly’s comments?

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