Black Exploitation or Black Expression?

 Her claim to fame came unexpected, as she was simply being Sweet Brown on a news interview talking about a fire affecting her bronchitis and preventing her form getting that cold pop.Since her news appearance in 2012, Sweet Brown has captivated Hollywood from the likes of Comedy Central’s Tosh. O to Mr. Tyler Perry himself.

While critics have placed Sweet in the stereotypical column of Black Exploitation, Sweet want’s the world to know that she’s simply… SWEET!

Black Youth Project Contributor, Rashad Smith, interviewed Sweet Brown after getting in contact with her agent Sparkell Adams of Global Rockstar Media to talk critics, current and upcoming projects, and words of encouragement to urban youth.


In The Beginning, there was just Sweet Brown…

Not long after the news story, Sparkell was introduced to Sweet when her late friend called her to talk about the hilarious news story. Immediately, Sparkell contacted Sweet to pitch her idea of how to capitalize on something the World turned comedy and how to present Sweet Brown to the World as a woman who seizes opportunities. 

…The Critics | Black Exploitation

In November 2012, contributor to Black Enterprise Magazine, Janell Hazelwood wrote an ARTICLE on Sweet Brown, referring to her as a microwave celebrity gaining celebrity status off of ignorant imagery. Explaining that Sweet Brown sends a negative message to young woman that shucking and jiving is a way to capitalize and be successful.

How is Black exploitation, Black exploitation when someone is aware of who they are and is simply being themselves?

SWEET BROWN,     “I’m not looking in being nothing that I’m not. I’m not trying to keep up with the Joneses. I just like being Sweet, I just like making people’s day”.

TEAM SWEET,  “Sweet’s a smart, intelligent Black woman, who’s beautiful inside out. She   represents the fun side of Black America. She want’s to make people happy. She’s comfortable and happy with herself no matter what anybody else think and everybody else should be too. Sweet has helped so many people. So many people tweet and email her talking about the horrible day they were having and how they weren’t feeling good about themselves and Sweet showed them how to feel good about themselves no matter what and how to make the best out of any situation.”


While the critics are calling Sweet Brown a microwave celebrity whose fame will soon fall short, Sweet Brown is putting all negativity behind her and is focused on opportunities to better herself and her family. 

Throughout the next few weeks video networks will premiere her video with Superstar Will I AM, commercials will be aired on national networks, Sweet will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live promoting the Sweet Brown brand. iPhone and Android will prepare to release the Sweet Brown Cold Pop Escape & Rescue game app and Team Sweet Brown is preparing for the promotional tour where they’ll give-a-way electronics and cash money. And in the Fall of 2013, Sweet Brown will make her first movie debut in Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Christmas!   

What’s most remarkable is how Sweet recognizes Urban statistics and wants young Black America to simply handle their business.

“Stay in School, because in the long run your going to wish you had your education. It’s hard out here. Go to school, go to college, do something that’s beneficial. And pull ya pants up young men, Sweet ain’t got time to be looking at that, Aint No Body Got Time Fo Dat”.


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