A community was deeply hurt when a historic black church in Greenville, Mississippi was set on fire and covered with the words “Vote Trump!” They can now start the healing process after a GoFundMe campaign has raised more than $200,000 for its restoration.

The campaign originally started with a goal of only $10,000 and has far exceeded that thanks to help from nearly 6,000 donors. 

The campaign’s organizer, Blair Reeves, has been offering updates into the incident and church’s handling of it on the page.

According to the updates, the Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church is working with GoFundMe and a bank to properly deposit all of they money they’ve received and the investigation is still ongoing.

“The animus of this election cycle combined with the potent racial history of burning black churches as a political symbol makes this event something we must not ignore,” said Reeves on the campaign page.

“More details as they are available. Can we do this? Can we help show the world, the country, and most importantly, the churchgoers of Hopewell Baptist that we, as a society, are better than this?”

While the church has surely passed their goal, any potential donors are still encouraged to offer support if they feel so inclined. Hopefully it can come back even stronger than it was before.

Photo Credit: GoFundMe