Black students on the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana’s campus are the latest group of educated African Americans to fight for equality.

“Being Black at Illinois” was created in response to several racially-charged incidents on campus. 

From WICD: 

And with the hashtag bearing the same name – a group of African American students protested on the University of Illinois quad.”Us as black students, we have the right to feel a certain type of way when somebody’s wearing something that’s offensive or somebody’s saying something that’s offensive or somebody’s simply mocking the black community. We have the right to be offended,” said Ayanna Williams, a U of I senior and one of the protest organizers.

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The students held a silent protest on the campus’ quad because they’re tired of talking.

To encourage university action, students also plan to draft a mission statement with request such as adding courses on diversity into the student curriculum.

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