Boston, a city with a long history of racial violence and segregation got a wake up call yesterday. A group supported by, but unaffiliated with Black Lives Matter Boston, took to the highway to unite against racism.

The protestors chained themselves to barrels full of concrete. A coordinator of the demonstration, Megan Collins, told the Guardian that 17 people were arrested at the protest site in near Milton, MA.

Collins said that the point of the demonstration was to show “the predominately white commuters who come into Boston, a city that is deeply segregated”.

“People of color live in a reality of police brutality and police surveillance. All the protesters that took part were white and non-black people of color, putting our bodies on the line because we can’t be complacent in this,” said Collins.

Not everyone was pleased by the protest. State trooper Dustin Finch tweeted: “What does this prove?”

It proves that there will be no more business as usual.

Photo: Occupy Boston/Twitter