In the aftermath of the not guilty verdict in the Zimmerman trial, I began to think about how not only is Black death acceptable in America, it’s profitable. Corporations make billions in the trafficking of Black bodies. From music and videos that degrade and dehumanize us, to movies that criminalize us, we’re like disposable products to be used, thrown out, and replaced.

Even more billions are made prosecuting, defending and incarcerating us. Schools have become pipelines to prison, and one the most financially stable businesses in our community are funeral homes. Of course the mainstream media gets its share, with the majority of its coverage centering around scary Black men that should be killed or imprisoned, or another one of us tragically killed like Trayvon.

Being a artist, I decided to put my feelings on paper. I chose to remix Kanye’s song “Blood on the Leaves” because I felt like the sample he used from Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit” is even more relevant today. Whether it’s the over 500 murders last year in Chicago or the 313 Black people killed last year by the police, security guards, and people like Zimmerman. Our blood is on the leaves, and it seems like it’s in best interest of America and these corporations. “Blood On The Leaves Remix” is available for download here