The Boko Haram, a terrorist group that’s reportedly claimed allegiance to ISIS, is believed to be responsible for a recent attack on the village of Dalori in northeastern Nigeria that involved fires, suicide bombers and combat with the military.

There are currently conflicting reports on the resulting death toll. According to Nigeria’s National Emergency Management Agency Twitter, at least 65 people were killed on top of 136 other injuries. But the Borno State Health COmmisioner Haruna Mshelia claims that 85 people were killed while 59 others were injured and 16 were missing as of Monday, according to CNN.

Among the bodies, many of them were severely burned and filled with bullets, including children that could be heard burning alive, according to soldier’s reports.

At one point, one of three female suicide bombers tried making their way into a crowd of fleeing villagers before being intercepted, leading the device to detonate. The attack reportedly lasted for nearly four hours.

“We had just finished evening prayers when the gunmen came to our village and indiscriminately opened fire and set fire to homes,” resident Kulo Sheriff said.

According to USA Today, this attack came after the Nigerian government claimed that they were gaining control over the terrorist group. Contrary to that narrative, Boko Haram attacks increased by 300 percent in 2014, adding to the death toll that’s believed to be more than 20,000 in a six-year period.

“We slept in the bush with no blankets despite the chilling weather,” said Adamu Kyari. “We could hear soldiers battling with the Boko Haram attackers. It was terrifying.”

According to an anonymous soldier, the terrorist group only retreated after the military brought in reinforcements with heavier artillery.

While this brutal attack clearly hasn’t gotten as much media attention as other recent attacks, we stand in solidarity with the people of Nigeria as they try and move past this tragedy. Meanwhile, we’ll wait to see if people add the Nigerian flag to their avatars anytime soon.

Photo Credit: IB Times