NewsOne is shedding light on the story of Brandon Jackson.

At 21 years-old, Brandon was jumped by 7 or 8 White males. He defended himself, and yet he’s the only one to be charged with a crime.

His punishment; 12 years in prison for attempted murder, aggravated assault and possession of a weapon.

His mother says Brandon had been helping his employer move furniture, and walked across the street to investigate an alcohol-fueled fight. He was inexplicably attacked by one of the participants, and was able to fight him off. But the attacker followed him with 7 or 8 friends in tow, yelling racial epithets. Brandon scared them away with a knife, and sustained injuries.

But thanks to legal trickery and a judge with an axe to grind, Brandon was railroaded by the justice system, and sentenced to over a decade in prison.

His mother is determined to bring awareness to her son’s plight.

From NewsOne:

Not surprisingly, the case has taken a toll on both Mother and son. When asked about the effects of the neverending trial and devastating verdict, Gloria was almost inconsolable, saying she is the only thing keeping her son going behind bars:

“This is not a bad kid getting caught doing something bad. This is a good kid being accused of doing something that even the accuser knows did not happen. How do we get justice for our kids when it is so manipulated — whoever tells the best lie wins. How do we get justice in those cases and why should it take years and how do we protect our kids from that? I don’t even know, I don’t know when Brandon asks me why did this happen to him, [sobbing] I can’t even answer him because I don’t know!”


There is far more to this story; do yourself a favor and head over to NewsOne for the entire write-up.

There also a petition at that can be accessed here.

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