20 year-old gay man Brandon White has finally spoken out after a viral video of him being brutally gay-bashed by three men spread like wildfire across the internet this week.

As we told you yesterday, an FBI investigation is underway to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

But that won’t do anything to erase the physical and emotional scars from enduring such a vile beating. BYP.com commends Brandon for his courage and resilience in speaking out about this terrible ordeal.

“I was going to be silent about it…but by them going ahead and wanting to release it and put it on the internet, i feel that they wanted the attention themselves. They wanted to make themselves look like they were brave and strong. But in my opinion, I’m the brave one.”

Check out his press conference below.


Will Brandon’s attackers be brought to justice?

What can we do to combat homophobia in our community?

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