Fear can cause you to question your worth and true purpose in life. When you are hit with enough obstacles you can be overtaken by fear, until you feel that there is no way out. No way to pursue your dreams, be that change or answer the call when you are needed.

In today’s video,  I want you all to know that despite the things you might be afraid of and the issue’s that try and hold you back, you can overcome. You are more than the choices that you’ve made and you are more than the mistakes of your past. It is truly understandable as to why you could be scared of starting that new job, your own business, social movement or whatever. However, you have to remember that everything that you can envision yourself doing, you have the capability of doing it.

More than that, everyone of you are called to be great. Not one person was born to be mediocore or to live a life of mediocrity. That lifestyle comes through choice and you hold the power of choice to be phenomenal in everything that you desire to do. Make today the day that you decide to look past your fears and take control of your life. Rememer that there are people all over this planet that need what you have and need your experiences. Break the cycle of fear, through faith in yourself and faith in your gift.  There is absolutely no reason to fear the greatness that is YOU!