The NYPD is once again under fire over a Brooklyn family’s claim that 43-year old Carlos Alcis suffered a fatal heart attack after police raided their home.

Police were reportedly looking for a suspect who’d assaulted a woman and robbed her of a cell phone. While the NYPD says they were let into the apartment, the Alcis family offers a different account.

The family says over 10 police officers stormed their home and dragged two of Alcis’ sons out of bed, believing they were suspects. Amidst the confusion and terror, Carlos – a father of eight – went into cardiac arrest.

From CBS:

“The police put the flashlight on my face,” said Emmanuel Alcis, Carlos Alcis’ 15-year-old son whom police initially believed was a suspect in the cellphone theft. “I look up, and I couldn’t see who was it.”

While police were inside the apartment, Carlos Alcis suffered an apparent heart attack. His family said the man had no history of heart problems.

Carlos Alcis’ brother, Rudy, said when the family awakened, police were already inside the apartment and that officers did nothing in the 30 minutes after Carlos Alcis fell to the ground. Officers said they performed CPR on Alcis, who was later pronounced dead at the scene.

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A horrible and infuriating situation.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Carlos Alcis’ loved ones.


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