15 year-old Felicia Garcia jumped to her death in front of over 200 of her classmates after weeks of bullying.

Garcia allegedly engaged in a sexual encounter with multiple members of the varsity football team at a party after a game. She was brutally bullied in the days that followed.

Her final tweet said simply: “I cant, im done, I give up”

From New York Daily News:

School officials heard of the bullying and set up a mediation session Wednesday with a counselor and one of the 17-year-old boys. The teenager denied harassing the girl, the sources said.

Leaving the office, Felicia later ran into the other 17-year-old who had been making her life miserable — and they exchanged words, the sources said

Police did not say what was said. But it was enough to send Felicia marching off to the Huguenot station of the Staten Island Railroad, where she killed herself in front of horrified classmates.

Senior Alissa Compitello said she saw Felicia on the way to the train station and the girl told her that she had the mediation because of the bullying.

“She was smiling though, like everything was going to be okay,” said Compitello, 17.

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Just horrible.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Felicia’s family and friends during this very difficult time.

If you or someone you know is considering taking their own life, please inform someone. Suicide is NEVER the solution.

Thoughts on this terrible situation?

Will it ever be possible to do something about our country’s culture of bullying?

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