We spend our money in every community except our own!  We don’t own enough businesses within our
community as well. This is a big problem for African American families and youth.  In order to strengthen our resources within
our community such as schools, we must invest in businesses that surround our

Communities are systematically controlled. When people spend
money in other communities and buy businesses, the tax revenue   gained
is used to support schools and every other public resource within that
community. This is why our youth don’t have the best books in their classes; we
have to transfer our children to better schools, look for employment in other
communities, and don’t have the best hospitals in our communities.  When you understand the system you can create change
but we all have to work together. African American are the highest consumers because
we love fashion and style, but it needs to change.

People come into our communities and make thousands
sometimes millions then send the money back to their communities or countries
because they understand the system. When will we understand the system and over throw it? Our youth can’t be what they don’t see.  I’m a business owner and it is important to me
to spend money in my community because I have to reinvest. I will never forget
where I come from in life.