September 16, 2011

Michelle Obama’s campaign to eradicate childhood obesity hit a major milestone yesterday. Darden Restaurants, Inc—which oversees Olive Garden, Bahama Breeze, Longhorn Steaks, and others –has announced major changes to all of their menus. These include a reduction in calories and sodium on all meals, making a fruit or vegetable the default side for children’s meals, making 1 percent milk the default beverage for children’s meals, and ensuring that atleast one item on every children’s menu will provide no more than 600 calories.

This is a good thing. Especially since, according to a recent report, 50% of Americans will be obese by 2030. Don’t listen to Sarah Palin; this is not a commie, socialist plot. It’s never a good thing to be obese. Especially when you’re a 5 year-old.

The U.S. Supreme Court has halted the execution of 48 year-old Duane Buck, who was convicted of a double murder in Texas 16 years ago. Buck’s guilt in the case is actually agreed upon by everyone involved. The issue of contention involves his sentencing, which was unjustly influenced by the testimony of a (pseudo) psychologist that had the audacity to state that black people are more likely to commit violence. Utilizing racism as a means of making the case for a human being’s death is inexcusable and unacceptable. Kudos to the U.S. Supreme Court for getting right what that loser Rick Perry didn’t even seem concerned with.

If you oppose the death penalty, the past few weeks in America have truly substantiated your position. Our criminal justice system is unreliable and racist. What else is new?

A few days ago we told you about Tyler Perry’s number one ranking on Forbes “Most Powerful Men in Showbiz” list. Since then, the black blogosphere has been going around and around about the value of Tyler Perry’s films; are they good for black actors and black people, or were Spike Lee’s infamous “coonery and buffoonery” comments spot on.

Dr. Boyce Watkins has written a fairly nuanced op/ed on the subject at NewsOne, and she’s probably right:

“A man like Perry can tell the story of the Black maid, because it would likely be fused with that of the Black police officer, attorney, astronaut and prostitute. Perry does a reasonably good job of mixing it up and provides a message of love, family, and faith at the end. You can’t get too mad at that.”

Fair enough, fair enough. But what about the fact that all of his movies are bad? Just sayin….

Kanye West is set to premiere a  women’s clothing line at fashion week in Paris on October 1st. Co-helmed by Christina Centenera and Goldin, West’s line will apparently makes its premier right after Jean Paul Gaultier—which is insane.

I guess that’s Hip Hop, right?

And check out this video of Barack Obama fan club president Tavis Smiley on Fox News’ Sean Hannity show. There to promote his new book and his “Too Important To Fail” program, Smiley bashes Obama’s policies, laments the fact that he’s yet to be invited to the White House, and then admits that he’ll probably vote for him anyway. Hmmm…