The director of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that the agency will dispatch response teams to hospitals in the country who have had cases of Ebola on its premises.

The C.D.C. also said it plans on a more robust response to any future cases of the deadly disease. 

From New York Times:

[The agency also noted] for the first time that quicker and more concerted action on its part might have kept a Dallas nurse from becoming infected by the virus.

The acknowledgment came on a day when a nurses’ union released a scathing statement that it said was composed by nurses at the Dallas hospital where the nurse, Nina Pham, 26, contracted Ebola. The statement told of “confusion and frequently changing policies and protocols,” inadequate protection against contamination and spotty training.

“Were the protocols breached?” asked Deborah Burger, a co-president of the union, National Nurses United, reading the statement. “The nurses say there were no protocols.”

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