The world has yet to progress to state where our social issues and injustices are being resolved and handled in a matter that acknowledges us solely as human beings. The even bigger breakdown is the culture and sub-cultures we live in, enduring and/or confronting our challenges as we make sense of the world.

Making sense of the world would mean knowing what the world is about. Not geographically speaking, but of your world and all that contributes to it and surrounds it. In America, I feel that we’re so easily distracted by trivial things, we so easily condemn the easy issues and disregard the root of it all. But I get it. It can be disturbing. It can make you feel uncomfortable, guilty or powerless. But the real issues at hand aren’t going away by lack of regard or whatever fine, well-said excuses you can come up with.

Racial issues tend to only remain prominent in American culture. The ideas and beliefs of Americans baffle me at times. Responses like “That’s reverse racism” or “Why can’t we do it?” continue to help those that have never truly experienced oppression in America justify the reason it continues to exist.

I can’t help but to feel overwhelmed constantly feeling as Black people or a person of color, we constantly have to point out that “Hey, you never been a slave, never been racially profiled, never had to be placed in a country whose laws and culture was systematically built to oppress you. And above all you don’t have choice. This is what it is until it changes.” It feels as though sometimes these brick walls are the most impenetrable, sound proof walls man could ever make.

I think those that really feel ‘reverse racism’ exists or that they ‘should be able to do it too’ won’t know how it feels until the tables have truly turned. When a system and culture is constructed to be against you, to disenfranchise and stigmatize your being in this world.

But if you truly don’t believe me, check out this documentary that films a social experiment conducted by Jane Elliot who has been the ‘Blue Eye/Brown Eye Experience.’ She has been conducting this experience since the 1960’s, affected by the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and continues to enlighten people with her experiment.

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