Harvard Graduate Gives Powerful Spoken Word Poem at Graduation

Donovan Livingston, Ed. M. ’16, performed a spoken word piece at the Harvard School of Education graduation ceremony this week that is absolutely riveting. In it, he addresses this country’s very ugly past and present with institutional racism and what it means to be a Black person in education at this moment of history.


Watch This Black Woman Tell Corporations How to End Colorism

Many people of color face implicit and explicit racism in their daily lives. A byproduct of that reality is something called “colorism.” In short, colorism is the discrimination against people who have darker skin. And Chika Okoro, a Stanford University graduate student, recently gave a TED Talk encouraging corporations to do something about it.

Kwyn Townsend Riley

Poet Beautifully Details Black Women’s Struggles At PWI’s

While there are sure to be challenges at any kind of institution, the challenges that people of color face at predominantly white institutions (PWI) are a separate story. To take that idea even further, the experiences that black women have at PWIs can be even more stressful.

To detail those exact experiences, Kwyn Townsend Riley performed a poem detailing the 10 “guaranteed experiences” for black women at PWIs, including having people play in their hair, explaining the importance of #SayHerName and constantly having to educate.

NBC Asian American Black Lives Matter

Asian Americans Speak on #BlackLivesMatter

#BlackLivesMatter (both the movement and the issues that started it) is quite a controversial concept for many people. I’ve listed the reasons why some feel that way and why they shouldn’t more times than I can count. So I don’t plan to do it again for a while. But hearing what other people think about it is always interesting.

NBC recently sat down a group of Asian Americans for their Jubilee Project: Voices segment. It initially started with word association and soon transitioned into a conversation about #BlackLivesMatter and the importance of all people of color working together of their collective goals.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 9.52.18 AM

President of Morehouse College Joins Spelman Student in Solidarity

The president of Morehouse College has spoken up about the Spelman student who had been raped. The college is pursuing an investigation regarding allegations that a women attending the neighboring Spelman College was gang-raped by four Morehouse students at a party,which the student anonymously shared on Twitter under the moniker @RapedAtSpelman.