Kerry, Viola, and Shonda Say They’re ‘With Hillary’ In New Campaign Ad

Hillary Clinton has had her fair share of issues on the campaign trail. Many of which have been her repeated issues with Black voters who have approached her about her stances on key issues facing them. Even amidst all that, Kerry Washington, Viola Davis, and Shonda Rhimes (and Shondland veteran Ellen Pompeo) say they are standing with Hillary Clinton in this presidential campaign.

Common Choir

Common Surprises Compton Youth Choir With “Glory” Performance

Common has been working to improve lives in black communities for years now, especially in his native Chicago. But, whether it be in a small town or a big city, we’re all connected, which is why his latest outreach led him to Compton, CA.

“Glory,” the song Common collaborated with John Legend on for Selma, has received critical acclaim and is working its way into choirs all over the country, including the youth choir at Greater Zion Church in Compton, CA. In collaboration with President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, Common surprised the youth choir during rehearsal to perform his verse and drop some kind words of wisdom.

Obama Roast

President Obama Holds Republican Roast Session During Speech

During a presidential election cycle, it’s common practice for potential candidates on both sides to criticize the sitting head of state to show what they’d do differently. But this cycle in particular has brought out some non-stop claims by Republican candidates that question pretty much every move President Barack Obama has made in his presidency.

Well, Obama isn’t sitting quietly as he’s attacked on a daily basis. Recently, a video surfaced on C-SPAN of Obama taking some time out in a speech to hold an abbreviated roast session of the Republican Party as a whole.


Watch Young People Explain What It Means To ‘Get Free’ [VIDEO]

This is not the movement of our grandparents or even our parents. While many in the Baby Boomer generation were concerned with respectability in their politics, our generation is primarily concerned with liberation for all — even those of us who are considered “unrespectable.”

The Black Youth Project and BYP100 came together to highlight what this movement looks like, why it must include and empower LGBTQ rights, and discuss what it means to center the most marginalized among us. 

Hillary Clinton Voter Run Something

Clinton Tells Young Black Woman “Well, why don’t you go run for something, then?”

It’s safe to say that Hillary Clinton is in a close enough race for the presidency that she can’t really afford to dismiss potential voters – unless her aim is to steal some away from the sideshow taking place on the other side of party lines. But that’s not what you’d think her goal was after video surfaced of her recent confrontation with a voter.

Clinton was in Minnesota on Tuesday when a young black woman approached her with questions about past racially insensitive remarks (read: referring to young black people as “super predators”) and about the lack of diversity among elected officials.


Killer Mike: “The only person I have the conscience to vote for is Bernard Sanders”

The presidential election has been hotly contested on both sides of the aisle. While many folks have been concerned about the Republican ticket, many others have shown their general disfavor for Hillary Clinton.

Rapper Killer Mike has had some of the most clear-headed explanations for his support of Sanders. But, this video of his words at Claflin University are moving and heartfelt. They also point to Clinton’s lack of popularity with many young Black people.