Is Attorney General Loretta Lynch the Real Answer to Chicago’s Police Problem?

On Monday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced that the US Justice Department would be investigating the use of force and deadly force from the Chicago Police Department. This announcement was made just weeks after footage was released of LaQuan McDonald being killed in cold blood by Officer Jason Van Dyke and during an onslaught of footage being released from other cases involving the CPD. But, the opening statements in Attorney Lynch’s speech stuck with me and made me question if her office’s intervening in the ongoings of the CPD was actually going to address the underlying problems there.

#AvaBarbie: The Holiday Reminder That Representation Matters

Barbie announced in April the creation of a “Sheroes” collection, honoring female heroes who are breaking barriers and taking names for girls and women everywhere. Among the honorees who would have a one-of-a-kind doll created in her likeness was beloved “Selma” director Ava DuVernay, who, on Sunday, announced the #AvaBarbie would go on sale Monday thanks to her fans.

What happens when white people are asked about white terrorism?

The biggest threats to national security in the United States are right-wing Christian white supremacists. Despite the post-9/11 stereotype that paints the face of terrorism as Muslim, more Americans have been killed by right-wing extremists than Islamist extremists since 2001.

So why aren’t white people asked how they feel about acts of terrorism committed by other white people?

New Documentary from NYTimes: ‘A Conversation With Black Women on Race’ [Video]

In this short documentary from the New York Times, black women talk about the challenges they face in society. They discuss issues of racial profiling, self-worth, beauty standards, relationships, and even motherhood. These nuanced perspectives give a complex view of Black women’s lived experiences in the modern United States.


Watch the full video below: