New Documentary from NYTimes: ‘A Conversation With Black Women on Race’ [Video]

In this short documentary from the New York Times, black women talk about the challenges they face in society. They discuss issues of racial profiling, self-worth, beauty standards, relationships, and even motherhood. These nuanced perspectives give a complex view of Black women’s lived experiences in the modern United States.


Watch the full video below:

‘Black Millennials in America’ in the Media: Watch this Informative Video From the Wall Street Journal

On Wednesday, we released the ‘Black Millennials in America‘ report. Since then, the findings have been covered on any major news outlets including Huffington Post and the Washington Post. The Wall Street Journal put together a great round-up video on the report summarizing some of the key findings in the release. Watch the video below and provide your thoughts in the comments section.

#ICYMI: Watch Top Movies Cut Down to Only Their Characters of Color

It is painfully obvious that Hollywood has a race problem. Hit movie after hit movie features lead characters who are phenotypically White while movies with diverse casts are categorized as “race-themed” movies. Dylan Marron, a self-described “Neo Futurist” and performer, sliced up a few top films which perfectly highlight this point.

Support the Black Youth Project this #GivingTuesday




December 2, 2014


Never has it been more important to amplify the voices and support the leadership of Black youth. Across the country young Black people from Ferguson to Cleveland find their basic humanity and existence threatened, often at the hands of the state. At The Black Youth Project we are committed to fighting back against this trend. 

Video: Ferguson Speaks: A Communique From Ferguson



The following piece is from Vimeo. It was created by Fitzgibbon Media.

By: Ftizgibbon Media


As law enforcement officials and national media gear up for a St Louis County Grand Jury’s announcement as to whether it will levy charges against Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson for the August 9th shooting of Michael Brown Jr., activists have issued a 9 minute video communiqué providing an intimate look at the climate on the ground.