SHOCKING New Film "The Strange Thing About The Johnsons"

A strange, new film is making serious waves across the internet. As a fan of transgressive art, I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a Black film quite like this one. Everyone who sees it walks away with VERY strong opinions on it. We think you will, too. It is incredibly disturbing.

The Strange Thing About the Johnsons is a short film about a well-to-do, upper middle class Black family that’s harboring a jaw-dropping secret. In a nutshell, Isaiah, the son, has been molesting his father, Sidney. And now Sidney, a professional writer, has written a memoir that details their sordid relationship. Isaiah is none too happy about it.

Check out the trailer below. Once again, prepare to be freaked the eff out!

The Strange Thing About the Johnsons trailer:


Yeah, we know.

And if you can handle it, check out a 2nd, far creepier trailer below (BE ADVISED – NSFW):

VIDEO: Lisa Ling Explores Why So Many Black Men Are In Prison

This Sunday, Lisa Ling’s “Our America” series on the OWN Network will tackle one of the most pressing issues facing our community.

Entitled “Incarceration Generation,” the special will explore the disproportionate number of Black men incarcerated in America’s prisons; how so many of us end up there and why it is so difficult for many of us to turn our lives around.

Check out a preview of “Incarceration Generation” below:



Watch LIVE STREAM of the Occupy Wall Street DAY OF ACTION!

Today is the Occupy Wall Street DAY OF ACTION, marking the two month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

And in the wake of the NYPD’s now-infamous raid on Zuccotti Park earlier this week, MASSIVE protests are planned today in New York City. Check out a LIVE STREAM of today’s events below!

From CBS New York:

“It may have looked peaceful at Zuccotti Park during what was a soggy Wednesday afternoon, but city officials are sounding alarm about Thursday, warning of mass disruptions in all five boroughs.

And it may not be pretty.

‘We are certainly anticipating tens of thousands of people protesting, aimed at significant disruptions of the lives of the people of this city,’ Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson said.”

Below is a LIVE STREAM of the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City. This is going on RIGHT NOW:

VIDEO: Black Occupy DC Protesters Speak!

Check out this fascinating video featuring the voices and perspectives of African American participants in Occupy DC. took their cameras to DC’s McPherson Square and spoke with a few Occupiers of color, who eloquently spoke of sociopolitical, Occupy-related priorities that speak to an African American experience and perspective.

“Occupy DC Protests: Exclusive Video of Black Participants”

According to

Lil B's New Track: "I Got AIDS"

Yesterday, Lil’ B uploaded a new track to YouTube that has everyone talking.

“I Got AIDS” is a stark, passionate plea for young people to practice safe sex and get tested for STDs.

Check out “I Got AIDS” here:


VIDEO: How "Nuttin' But A G Thang" Changed America

The second installment of Steve Stoute’s “The Tanning Effect” web series features a fascinating interview with Interscope Records CEO Jimmy Iovine.

Iovine details his first meeting with Dr. Dre, describes the similarities between “Nuttin’ But A G Thang” and the Rolling Stone’s “Satisfaction, and how revolutionary and dangerous Dre and Snoop were to mainstream America at the time.

Check it out:

VIDEO: Filmmaker Captures Everyday Life on Chicago's South Side

A Chicago filmmaker named Cyrus Dowlatshahi is working on a feature length documentary about life on the South Side of Chicago.

His footage is incredible. Nothing is doctored or scripted. These are raw vignettes of real people living their lives in the most isolated, poverty-stricken, and misunderstood section of the third largest city in the United States.

South Side of Chicago Documentary:

Dowlatshahi is currently fundraising for the project through His goal is $25,000; so far, he has raised $7,200. To support this fascinating project, check out his Kickstarter page here.

He outlines three reasons why he wants to shine a light on Chi-town’s South Side neighborhoods:

VIDEO: The Making of D'Angelo's Voodoo

Now this is a must see.

If you’re an R&B fan, odds are you’ve listenend to D’Angelo’s legendary sophomore album Voodoo about 600,000 times.

Now over 12 years old, Voodoo still stands as the best R&B album of recent memory. And D’angelo’s downright torturous absence from the music scene following this creative high point has only bolstered the record’s mystic.

And that’s why this video is so special. Filmed during the final stages of Voodoo’s creation, this promo video captures D in the studio sharing some tracks with Eric Clapton and Chris Rock, sightseeing in Cuba, and speaking candidly about his upbringing, spirituality and artistry.

At just 7 minutes, it’s more than worth a look. Check it out below.