The world’s oldest university was founded by a African woman

The following post was written by Travis Blakely. It originally appeared on “Your Black World” under the title “An African Woman Founded the World’s Oldest university.”

By: Travis Blakely

When most people talk about historical universities that still exist to this day, normally we think of the much talked about University of Oxford or Cambridge University; both world class institutions of the highest order that have tremendous history. These institutions of higher learning located in the United Kingdom have had an incredible influence in the world of education. In fact, Europe ushered in a plethora of world class universities that became the model of educational centers worldwide. But relatively unknown in Western society is the fact that the oldest universities in the world are not in Europe. The oldest university in the world as recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records and UNESCO, is the University of Al-Karaouine of Morocco (Medina of Fez), discovered in 859A.D. by Fatima al-Fihri, a woman.

BYP 100’s FM Supreme releases ‘Heal Chi Raq’ in response to Nicki Minaj’s ‘Chi-raq’



fm supreme

In response to Nick Minaj and Lil Herb’s “Chi-raq” song, BYP 100 member FM Supreme has released her track “Heal Chi Raq.” Let’s just say that FM Supreme isn’t happy that artists are celebrating her city’s extremely sad youth violence problems.

In contrast to the popular tune rapped by Young Money’s Minaj, Supreme’s track seeks to focus on thoughtful solutions to Chicago’s violence and drug epidemic. 

‘Taking Back Chi-raq’: a response video to Nicki Minaj & Lil Herb

The term “Chiraq” has been long debated. With the release of Nicki Minaj’s new single, the “Chi-raq”, discussion about appropriateness of the term has been further fueled.

Chicago author, motivational speaker and activist Richard L. Taylor, Jr. created a video in response to the song and term, calling for community members to reclaim their city. 

Kenwood Academy High School students spread joy with ‘Happy’ video


Pharell’s hit single “Happy” is spreading like a wildfire. The song earned the music producer his first Oscar nod, and now everyone is filled with joy.

In honor of National Happiness Day, yes that is a thing, we’d like to share one of the best renditions of “Happy” with you.

Students at Chicago’s Kenwood Academy put together their version of “Happy,” equipped with mascot and all. 

BYP & BYP 100 Present…’MLK Then & Now: Rebuilding the Black Freedom Movement Through King’s Legacy’


Join The Black Youth Project Founder Cathy J. Cohen, BYP 100 National Coordinator Charlene Carruthers and members of The Black Youth Project and BYP 100 on Monday January 20th for an hour long Twitter Chat dedicated to the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Participants will share their thoughts and beliefs about how to best live out the legacy of the iconic civil rights leader on a personal, political and for those of us who subscribe to finding meaning in the non secular: a spiritual level.

It is important for us as young Black people to engage in the legacy of MLK in a way that is both celebratory and lovingly critical. Too many times we witness either a romanticized version of King as the savior of the Black race or an outright dismissal of him for being too much of a reformist; only fighting for integration and assimilation.