VIDEO: George Zimmerman Reenacts Trayvon Martin Shooting

Check out this newly released footage of George Zimmerman reenacting the infamous altercation that took Trayvon Martin’s life.

The video was posted on a website started by Zimmerman’s defense team. In it, Zimmerman says Martin was the aggressor, and that it was when he saw and reached for his gun that Zimmerman grabbed it and shot the teenager.

Two large butterfly bandages are also visible on the back of Zimmerman’s head.

VIDEO: 18 Year-Old Marcus Warryton Brutally Beaten By Philly Cops

Four Philadelphia police officers are at the center of controversy and outrage after a cell phone video surfaced showing them brutally beating 18 year-old Marcus Warryton.

Warryton had been pulled over for allegedly running a stop sign. The video begins with the young man being pressed against a police car by two officers. Warryton seems to be resisting. Two more officers arrive and, a few baton shots later, Warryton is on the ground and no longer posing a threat.

But the officers continue beating him, splitting his head open and splattering blood across the pavement.

INSPIRING! ATL Teen Fred Dukes Graduates HS; Heading To College Despite Homelessness

Check out the inspiring story of Fred Dukes, a college-bound Atlanta student who graduated from High School despite being homeless and having no support from family.

Dukes’ mother left Atlanta for a job opportunity in South Carolina. Fred stayed behind, and managed to make it through school with a 24 ACT score and 3.0 GPA. He did so without family support, sleeping in homeless shelters and occasionally a friend’s couch.

Video of Trayvon Martin Buying Skittles and Iced Tea Surfaces

Video has emerged of Trayvon Martin buying skittles and iced tea at a local convenience store, mere moments before the altercation that would end his young life.

The surveillance video, shot from two angles, show’s Martin walk to the counter wearing the now-infamous black hoodie, and purchase the harmless items. He would then begin a 5-10 minute walk home. During that walk, George Zimmerman would notice Martin and call 911 to report him as a “suspicious person,” setting into motion a tragic chain of events.