INSPIRING! ATL Teen Fred Dukes Graduates HS; Heading To College Despite Homelessness

Check out the inspiring story of Fred Dukes, a college-bound Atlanta student who graduated from High School despite being homeless and having no support from family.

Dukes’ mother left Atlanta for a job opportunity in South Carolina. Fred stayed behind, and managed to make it through school with a 24 ACT score and 3.0 GPA. He did so without family support, sleeping in homeless shelters and occasionally a friend’s couch.

Video of Trayvon Martin Buying Skittles and Iced Tea Surfaces

Video has emerged of Trayvon Martin buying skittles and iced tea at a local convenience store, mere moments before the altercation that would end his young life.

The surveillance video, shot from two angles, show’s Martin walk to the counter wearing the now-infamous black hoodie, and purchase the harmless items. He would then begin a 5-10 minute walk home. During that walk, George Zimmerman would notice Martin and call 911 to report him as a “suspicious person,” setting into motion a tragic chain of events.

Jay-Z Comes Out In Support of Gay Marriage

Hip Hop mogul Jay-Z has come out in support of President Obama’s stance on same-sex marriage.

Speaking with CNN, Jay-Z called supporting gay marriage “the right thing to do.

Jay joins prominent African Americans like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Will Smith in voicing their support for marriage equality in the wake of President Obama’s historic announcement last week.

President Obama Announces SUPPORT for Same-Sex Marriage

President Barack Obama has become the first President to publicly voice his support for same-sex marriage.

In an interview with ABCNews, Obama stated plainly his support for marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples. The announcement comes in the wake of the passage of an amendment in North Carolina banning same-sex marriage.

The President has received widespread criticism for what many viewed as a reluctance to voice support for marriage equality. But such concerns have officially been put to rest with today’s announcement.

VIDEO: NYPD Brutally Beat 19 Year-Old Jateik Reed For No Apparent Reason

The NYPD are once again at the center of a firestorm of controversy, this time for being caught on tape brutally beating a 19 year-old Bronx resident for no apparent reason.

The surveillance video shows officers punching, kicking and hitting Jateik Reed with batons. The officers allege that Reed was holding drugs in his hand, and flailing around when the officers tried to apprehend them. However, the video tells a very different story.

Many feel this is just another example of New York’s racist, oppressive “Stop and Frisk Program” at work.

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Houston Police Brutally Beat Black Teenager; Only Charged w/ Misdemeanors

Video footage of a brutal beating of a young black male at the hands of Houston police officers has community members outraged.

18 year-old Chad Holley had been involved in a burglary with three friends. Upon being pulled over, Holley made a run for it. But when a police car knocked him over Holley decided to surrender, lying face down on the ground with his arms atop his head.

Rather than simply cuff him, four police officers proceed to relentlessly punch and kick Holley.

VIDEO: George Zimmerman Appears Before Judge, Arraignment Set for May 29th

George Zimmerman appeared before a Seminole County, FL judge today, where his arraingment was set for May 29th.

According to, Zimmerman wore a pair of gray jail coveralls, and was solemn throughout his appearance, speaking very few words.

During the brief hearing, Zimmerman’s attorney asked that records containing information on witnesses be sealed. He did not ask that Zimmerman be released on bond.