Woman Records Video As She Is Kicked Out Of Victoria’s Secret For Being Black

Shopping while Black is a phenomenon that can only be explained by those of us who have to do it regularly. Sometimes those experiences turn into funny stories for us to share later. Yet, at other times, they end in humiliation and tears as Black people are unfairly targeted by store associates, managers, and security guards simply because of the color of their skin.

This was the case for a Black woman named Kimberly Houzah when she recently visited a Victoria’s Secret store at the Quintard Mall in Oxford, Alabama. 

Jennifer Lawrence, In Another Case of ‘Whiteness Gon’ White’, Jokes About Desecrating Sacred Rocks

While discussing “cultural differences” on “The Graham Norton Show,” half-woke starlet Jennifer Lawrence proved once again that the limits of White Feminism are vast. She joked, and even seemed to have a whole comedy routine ready, about her desecration of sacred rocks in Hawaii while filming one of the Hunger Games films.

Trevor Noah Interviews Tomi Lahren On ‘The Daily Show’

When it comes to political commentary, Trevor Noah and Tomi Lahren are on opposite sides of the spectrum. One is the newly established host of a long-time hub of liberal political comedy. The other is a newly celebrated voice of the highly conservative white nationalist – sometime called the “alt right”- movement and host of a self-titled program on TheBlaze.

The two hosts have both criticized each other’s views on their respective programs, but their two separate trajectories came to a collision on Wednesday night when Lahren appeared as a guest on The Daily Show.

A Discussion with Mariame Kaba On The #ByeAnita Campaign and Grassroots Organizing

There are very few activists today who can boast the experience and accomplishments of Mariame Kaba. The New York native, whose work brought her to Chicago for over 20 years, is an educator, organizer, and curator whose work “focuses on ending violence, dismantling the prison industrial complex, transformative justice and supporting youth leadership development.” She has worked tirelessly to create a more just world for marginalized communities. And now, Kaba has created a video about the Chicago effort to successfully oust Anita Alvarez, the ex-State’s Attorney for Cook County, Illinois who lost her Democratic primary to Kim Foxx in March 2016.

We had the chance to ask Kaba about her work on this campaign, her reasons for creating the video, and what the implications are for social organizing today.

Roland Martin Schools White Nationalist Leader, Richard Spencer, On White Privilege

Richard Spencer made headlines recently as portions of his speech to a room full of white nationalist supporters giving Nazi salutes was made public. To explain his side of those actions and many more of the controversial stances the white nationalist group has taken, he sat down for a televised interview with NewsOne’s Roland Martin.