Fan Video Gets Picked Up By Lupe Fiasco

via | February 17, 2010

One of Lupe Fiasco’s fans posted a unofficial video for his new single “I’m Beamin” and Lupe happened to see it and enjoyed it enough to post on his official website.  Hopefully this is inspiration for continuing to create and share your hobbies with the world.

Making of Sade's "Soldier of Love" (via

25 Years after the debut of her first album, Sade’s long-awaited sixth album, Soldier of Love was released today.  We are celebrating the return from her 10-year hiatus with this video.  Enjoy!

HP Computers are Racist?

This hilarious video, which accuses HP of manufacturing a racist webcam, created a lot of buzz on the internet.  Though it was later proven that sufficient lighting-and not light skin- is needed to engage the face-tracking feature, this video still has us laughing!