Making of Sade's "Soldier of Love" (via

25 Years after the debut of her first album, Sade’s long-awaited sixth album, Soldier of Love was released today.  We are celebrating the return from her 10-year hiatus with this video.  Enjoy!

HP Computers are Racist?

This hilarious video, which accuses HP of manufacturing a racist webcam, created a lot of buzz on the internet.  Though it was later proven that sufficient lighting-and not light skin- is needed to engage the face-tracking feature, this video still has us laughing!

"We Are the World" Class of 2010

Associated Press | February 2, 2010

25 years after the original, charity anthem ‘We Are The World’ has been given a hip-hip, pop twist by top artists, including Celine Dion, Jonas Brothers and Wyclef Jean. The stars have re-recorded the 80s hit to raise money for Haiti.