SNL Killed This Hilarious ‘The Day Beyoncé Turned Black’ Skit

Besides the Internet breaking last weekend when Beyoncé snatched all of our edges, it was clear that White people were perturbed. No actually, they were downright terrified of the unapologetic blackness Beyoncé displayed in her new video for the song “Formation” and her subsequent Super Bowl performance. Apparently, SNL caught the fuss and made a hilarious skit about it called “The Day Beyoncé Turned Black.”

World Without Black People Video

This Video Asks “What Would the World Be Like Without Black People?”

The Jubilee Project is the brainchild of three friends who came together with the goal of bringing change to the world. Their latest project is a video titled “World Without Black People.”

The video includes a crew talking to people on the street of different races and asking them the sobering question of “What would the world be like without black people?” At first, most are shocked by the question and default to a lack of direct contributions that would be missing from the world – black music, black culture, etc. But the conversation soon takes a turn towards a deeper subject manner.

White Privilege Video

Could ‘White Privilege Glasses’ Be The Next Thing To Change The World?

Acknowledging that white privilege – the process where white people naturally gain a series of advantages over minorities due to their race – is hard enough for some people. But if they’re fortunate enough to do that, the next step is identifying examples of white privilege in everyday life.

The Chicago Theological Seminary is working on a campaign to held address issues that are standing in the way of social justice, including white privilege. In a new video entitled “White Privilege Glasses,” a white man is given a pair of glasses that provide him with the ability to see what life is like for people of color in day-to-day interactions.

SNL OscarsSoWhite

‘SNL’ Roasts Undiverse Oscars in Funny ‘All The White Guys’ Sketch

It’s been two embarrassing years for the Academy Awards on the diversity front. Not only was #OscarsSoWhite a needed slogan last year, but it’s even more justified this year as, once again, no actors or actresses of color were nominated for a single award. To bring some humor to the situation, as well as some additional criticism through satire, NBC’s Saturday Night Live played off of the moment in a recent sketch.