Kwyn Townsend Riley

Poet Beautifully Details Black Women’s Struggles At PWI’s

While there are sure to be challenges at any kind of institution, the challenges that people of color face at predominantly white institutions (PWI) are a separate story. To take that idea even further, the experiences that black women have at PWIs can be even more stressful.

To detail those exact experiences, Kwyn Townsend Riley performed a poem detailing the 10 “guaranteed experiences” for black women at PWIs, including having people play in their hair, explaining the importance of #SayHerName and constantly having to educate.

NBC Asian American Black Lives Matter

Asian Americans Speak on #BlackLivesMatter

#BlackLivesMatter (both the movement and the issues that started it) is quite a controversial concept for many people. I’ve listed the reasons why some feel that way and why they shouldn’t more times than I can count. So I don’t plan to do it again for a while. But hearing what other people think about it is always interesting.

NBC recently sat down a group of Asian Americans for their Jubilee Project: Voices segment. It initially started with word association and soon transitioned into a conversation about #BlackLivesMatter and the importance of all people of color working together of their collective goals.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 9.52.18 AM

President of Morehouse College Joins Spelman Student in Solidarity

The president of Morehouse College has spoken up about the Spelman student who had been raped. The college is pursuing an investigation regarding allegations that a women attending the neighboring Spelman College was gang-raped by four Morehouse students at a party,which the student anonymously shared on Twitter under the moniker @RapedAtSpelman.

Obama Howard Commencement

Obama Tells Howard University Graduates To Be Confident In Their Blackness

President Barack Obama is on the last leg of his presidency much to the collective cheers and tears from people on either side of U.S. politics. So, for the last time, he’s giving a handful of commencement addresses to graduating college students as the sitting president.

One of his last stops was Howard University, where he spoke to students about their future as both individuals and Americans. 


7 Black Sitcom Moms We Love In Our Bones

There have always been beautiful Black mothers – whether from our birth, adopted, or chosen families – who offered words of wisdom, care, and safety to each of us. Similarly, it was our imaginary moms and aunties who held a special place in our hearts too.

Most of the moms on television are White and represent the mainstream ideals of society. But, Black moms on television often must contend with a host of issues which are typically invisible on mainstream shows. These 8 moms fit that description perfectly.

Bakari Kitwana

Bakari Kitwana Gives Ted Talk On “The Ferguson Effect”

After Ferguson, MO residents took to the streets following Mike Brown’s fatal shooting at the hands of Officer Darren Wilson, police officers everywhere felt that they were being placed under a microscope. And with news of every instance of police gunning down (often unarmed) black civilians, that feeling only increased.

Eventually, a belief formed that officers had started becoming hesitant about doing their jobs out of fear of becoming the next face of police brutality. An assumed result of this was an increase in crime in communities where the public expressed discomfort and anger towards local police. This went on to be coined as “The Ferguson Effect.”


Janet Mock: Trans Women Live At The Intersection Of ‘Pass Her By And Pay Her No Mind’

“If you had one recommendation for recognizing the full identity and addressing the needs of transgender women, what would it be?”

This question was asked to trans activist Janet Mock on Friday, April 29, 2016 at the United Nations headquarters where she spoke on a panel about the need for more visibility of trans black women when talking about issues like homelessness, sex work, rape, and sexual assault.