Why I can’t hold onto the gospel of Pastor Kim Burrell

By: Kelvin L. Easiley, Jr.

Where does one seek solace when faith fails? Where do the lost find shelter when the leaders that claim to love them preach “death and hell fire” for the simple act of existing? When the music that once soothed and brought peace only sounds like a cacophony of chaos and the choir’s chorus rings a melody that you and your kind are not welcome?

This past week, two major influencers in gospel music openly spat venomous vitriol from the pulpit to the raucous amens from their respective audiences.

On Kim Burrell and why ‘theological violence’ has no place in Black Liberation

By: George M. Johnson

No one is free unless the black Trans woman is free.

I imagine these are the words that will ring out of the mouths of every preacher and Black person in this nation when we finally reach the day of liberation.  A day that will likely never come in my lifetime, as the battle between the “Church” and “State of the LGBTQ” continue to be at odds over who is acceptable in the eyes of man and God.  This week, has brought out the some of the worst in people, as two pivotal leaders of the Black church and gospel music community have continued theological warfare on a community that is “tired, weak and worn” – to quote the classic hymn “Take My Hand, Precious Lord.”

A conversation on allyship with one of the masterminds behind the Safety Pin Box

There are a number of things in this world we cannot measure with metrics, time, or money making it difficult to account for their effectiveness or worth – allyship has always been one of those things. When it comes to allies, there are more questions around their purpose and usefulness than there are answers. Enter the Safety Pin Box, countering everything allies thought their role actually was.

Tyler Perry Says “Reverse Racism” Is Real And Lee Daniels Wants Black Hollywood To “Stop Complaining”

Just a couple of weeks after Denzel Washington threw down the gauntlet of controversial responses to #OscarsSoWhite and later made controversial comments on the topic of colorism, two more titans of black Hollywood have seemingly accepted the challenge to outdo him. 

Singer Will Perform At Trump’s Inauguration If She Can Sing “Strange Fruit”

A still-growing list of performers have backed out of or completely rejected invitations to appear at President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20th. Many of them have cited personal conflict given his proven history of supporting racism, sexism and other forms of oppression.

However, Rebecca Ferguson, a British singer and X-Factor alum, has taken a new and interesting approach after being invited to sing at the inauguration. She shared her proposal in a tweet.

‘For the People’: The Radical Artists Collective Repping Chicago Movements [INTERVIEW]

For the People Artists Collective (FTP) is entering a new season. This past year, their actions and art supported the successful #ByeAnita campaign, which advocated against the re-election of former State’s Attorney, Anita Alvarez, for her role in the Laquan McDonald video cover-up. The video showed the young black man being shot 16 times by Chicago Police.

I chatted with Monica Trinidad, an artist and organizer living in Chicago, and a co-founder of the FTP collective. She reflected on where FTP has been and where the group hopes to go in the future. She emphasized to me that FTP has a message: that art is an essential component of organizing and that organizing is, itself, an art.

‘The Jeffersons’ And ‘Good Times’ May Be Up Next For Reboots

In the 1970’s, Norman Lear was one of very few kings of television programming. He was responsible for creating shows such as “Sanford and Son” and “All in the Family”, which created classic spinoffs such as “The Jeffersons” and “Good Times”. The influence of these programs on not only the future of television, but millions of mainstream viewers is historical.

Which means that it was only a matter of time before they were revisited in some form. 

Oprah Talks To Michelle Obama About Fighting The ‘Angry Black Woman’ Stereotype

In less than a month, the Obama family will be out of the White House and moving on to the next chapters of their lives. While many of will surely miss the presence of President Obama, some of us will miss the First Lady even more.

Last night, Michelle Obama sat down for an exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey about her time as First Lady, the future of the White House and even if she’d consider going into politics herself, according to USA Today.

Jon and Pat Stryker Donate $10 Million To Lynching Memorial Construction

The United States has a history of selectively ignoring its long history of racial violence against black people, especially the thousands of lynchings that occurred. In order to commemorate these tragedies, the Equal Justice Initiative is working to permanently honor the fallen with a memorial but was having issues raising the funds needed for its construction.

Fortunately, the campaign just got some major backing.

Jon and Pat Stryker, sibling philanthropists and children of the late Lee Stryker, have donated a total of $10 million to The Memorial to Peace and Justice, according to MLive.