Paul Quinn College Announces African-American Leadership Institute

Paul Quinn College has been playing a role in the advancement of black people since it was founded in 1872 to educate freed slaves. Today, it’s looking for new ways to innovate education and further prove the necessity of HBCU’s moving forward.

The college has recently announced a plan to introduce the African-American Leadership Institute (AALI) with the help of local politicians in the Dallas, TX area including State Senator Royce West. 

Howard University To Auction Last Black-Owned Broadcast Station

Black-owned broadcast stations have been endangered and on the brink of extinction for so long that many of us may have let it slip our minds. For 35 years, Howard University’s WHUT station has been the last remaining. But the Federal Communications Commission has announced plans to auction off the property for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Black Students Are Twice As Likely To Be Disciplined By Law Enforcement

A new study has taken a close look at any disparities in the U.S. education system along the fault lines of race and learning disabilities. While some of what the 2013-2014 Civil Rights Data Collection revealed was positive, a vast majority of it raised concerns over common education practices. The study took a sample size of 50,035,744 students from 95,507 schools from 16,758 school districts for their data.

Among it’s findings, the study revealed that black students are disproportionately disciplined in schools and are less likely to receive a quality education when in schools with higher black populations.

Yale English Students Are Demanding A More Inclusive Curriculum

Anyone who has taken introductory English courses has likely realized that the widely considered greatest writers in history are mostly white men. While Hemingway, Chaucer and Shakespeare surely contributed mountains of iconic work towards English literature, they aren’t the only great writers we’ve had and some Yale students are tired of their program acting like they are.

Undergraduates at Yale have come out recently with claims that “it is unacceptable that a Yale student considering studying English literature might read only white male authors.” As of now, English literature students are required to spend two semesters studying from a group of artists deemed as “major English poets.” As you’d expect, this list is primarily comprised of white men. 

Chicago High School Students Given Moldy Breakfast Food

For many students, their most dependable meals throughout the day come from schools, many of which offer lunch, breakfast and even an after-school snack in some cases. But what are they expected to do when the food they get is covered in mold?

Students at Chicago’s West Town Academy had to ask themselves that very question when opened their food at breakfast to find that it was covered in mold and totally unsafe to eat.

“I opened the package and once I opened it I noticed the corner had mold on it,” student Janiah Dean told FOX 32.

Gunman In UCLA Shooting Identified as Victim’s Former Student

UCLA’s campus was put on lockdown this past Wednesday as reports of a shooter on campus began to spread following three gunshots. Two hours later, Police Chief Charlie Beck declared the University safe after finding both the victim and suspected shooter in the school engineering office.

Reports now confirm that the victim was UCLA mechanical engineering professor, William S. Klug, and the suspected shooter was Mainak Sarka, a former student of his, according to USA Today. While a motive hasn’t been confirmed, authorities said they’ll investigate the two men’s past “longer-standing” poor relationship as teacher and student.