Obama Tells Howard University Graduates To Be Confident In Their Blackness

President Barack Obama is on the last leg of his presidency much to the collective cheers and tears from people on either side of U.S. politics. So, for the last time, he’s giving a handful of commencement addresses to graduating college students as the sitting president.

One of his last stops was Howard University, where he spoke to students about their future as both individuals and Americans. 

President Obama Introduced National Teacher Of the Year

Jahana Hayes, a history teacher at John F. Kennedy High School in Waterbury, Conn., didn’t even think she would become a teacher when she was growing up, better yet the National Teacher of the Year. But with the help of some teachers in her own life, she was able to set higher standards for herself than what was expected in her local community.

Now, Hayes not only excels in the classroom, but encourages students to play a role in their neighborhoods through community service and fundraising, according to the Root.

Chicago Schools Are Ending The Transgender Bathroom Debate

Debates are occurring across the country about bathrooms and how they should be used by people of transgender experience. Some states (like North Carolina) are attempting to pass laws that would require people to use bathrooms that correspond to the gender they were assigned at birth, regardless of how they identify today. Chicago has officially made their stance known – they’ll allow students and faculty to use the bathrooms for the genders they identify with rather than how they were assigned at birth. 

Chicago State University Is Laying Off 300 Employees

Chicago State University is one of many state colleges that felt the effects of a budget dispute between Illinois state legislators that lasted nearly an entire year. However, CSU felt a larger brunt of the decision and worked tediously to fight a financial crisis that was eventually too difficult to avoid.

Now, according to the Chicago Tribune, the school has announced that it will be laying off 300 members – or 1/3– of its staff. 

LinkedIn Names Howard University A Top School For Media Professionals

The college that a student chooses to go to is only half of the battle when it comes to getting a job upon graduation. Another important part is picking the right program at the right school. To help with these sometimes overwhelming decisions, LinkedIn has provided a list of the best undergraduate universities for various career fields.

And as far as job placement for media professionals is concerned, Howard University is considered to be the fourth best in the entire country. Howard is the only HBCU to make the list of 25. 

Detroit Makes Community Colleges Tuition-Free

Tuition-free college in the United States is becoming more likely as time goes on. The latest step to make what was once a far-fetched dream into a legitimate reality came in Detroit. The Detroit Promise Zone program that launched this part March will make attending any of Detroit’s five community colleges tuition-free for high school seniors who attended public, private or charter schools in the city. 

Judge Serves 24 Hour Jail Sentence With Fellow Veteran

It’s often said that the bond of those who serve in the military is unrivaled by any other. Even veterans that didn’t serve together often feel a connection because of their shared experiences and they sometimes look out for each other when the opportunity presents itself.

Well, that’s exactly what happened when Sgt. Joseph Serna walked into North Carolina District Court Judge Lou Olivera’s courtroom. Olivera, himself a Gulf War veteran, heard Serna’s trial for violating probation by lying about a urine test and chose to sentence him to 24 hours in prison, according to the Root. Not only did Olivera personally escort Serna to the next county, but he walked him to his one-man cell and spent the entire 24 hours with him. 

Detroit Students Win National Chess Competition

A group of girls from Detroit’s University Prep Science & Math’s chess team left the 13th annual KCF All-Girls National Championships with a victory in the Under 14 category.

“I was pretty amazed,” Jada Hamilton, 13, told the Detroit News. “It’s hard to describe how I felt that day because I was really happy.”

Hamilton’s win clinched the team’s surprise win after being viewed as underdogs, at least according to her coach, Kevin Fite. The team came out on top over more than 440 other competitors that all traveled to a Chicago hotel to face off against one another.