Father Sees His Son Graduate After Being Wrongfully Imprisoned For 22 Years

For 22 years, Eddie Bolden served time in an Illinois prison for a murder he didn’t commit. As a result, he missed many moments in the lives of both of his sons, Antonio Johnson, 24, and Dominique Bolden, 21, but filled the void as best he could given his circumstances.

Fortunately, Bolden was released in time to see Dominique graduate from Goshen College this past Sunday through the tears of pride that filled his eyes. 

Chicago Twins Accepted To Nearly 60 Colleges, Offered $1.6 M In Scholarships

After months of anxiety and preparation, receiving a college acceptance letter may be one of the best feelings a high school senior can experience. Deprice and Shaprice Hunt, two twins from Chicago, know that feeling on a major scale.

Combined, the Hunt twins were accepted into 56 colleges and brought in $1.6 million in scholarships. Shaprice has been accepted to 35 schools with two full-ride offers as well as five schools recruiting her to play basketball and has received $1.3 million in scholarships. Deprice was accepted into 27 schools with two full-ride offers and $300,000 in scholarships, according to the Huffington Post.

Angela Davis Talks Black Liberation, History and the Contemporary Vision

Fifty years after the founding of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, the agenda and style of the legendary Black revolutionary organization remains relevant in today’s public discourse. An end to “police brutality and the murder of Black people,” central to the Black Lives Matter movement, was laid out in the Black Panthers’ 10-Point Platform five decades ago. Both acclaim and condemnation erupted when their iconic black berets made an appearance recently in Beyoncé’s half-time show performance during the Super Bowl.

WATCH: Cathy Cohen Visits Princeton To Discuss African-American Studies

Dr. Cathy J. Cohen not only founded the Black Youth Project in 2004, she has been at the helm of research on Black youth for many years. Her work with BYP and BYP100 stems directly from her academic fortitude of investigating the ways that society engages with race, how institutions profit from the exploitation of ‘Others,’ and what this means to our generation. In this lecture, she discusses topics like neoliberalism, the killing of Michael Brown, and police occupation of minority communities.

Baltimore Students Walk Out To Protest Standardized Test

Last week, more than 100 Baltimore City school students walked out of classes to protest standardized tests. According to CBS, students have grown frustrated with the PARCC tests that they’re required to take.

The students had previously met with school officials to protest the test, which they feel doesn’t cover anything that they’re taught and is unfair. 

President Obama to Speak At Howard Commencement

President Barack Obama is one of the, if not the, most sought after speakers for college graduations in the country. So much so, that he denies far more requests than the three or so he schedules a year. This year, he’ll start off his final commencement speech tour at Howard University on May 7, according to CNN. This will be his third commencement at an HBCU.

24-Year-Old Chicagoan Launches Scholarship Fund For High School Students

Cassius Rudolph is only 24 years old, but he’s already accomplished a feat many people twice his age only dream of. The Southside Chicago native, currently studying at Columbia University’s Union Theological Seminary, is working as a sort of middle man between both his former alma maters: Harlan High School and Tougaloo College.

Former Fenger Principal Announces New Foundation To Help Youth

Liz Dozier’s star truly began to rise when she was featured in CNN’s Chicagoland series in 2014. As the then-principal of Fenger High School, her commitment to her students and their futures gained her national attention. After moving on from the position this past summer, many waited to see what Dozier’s next venture would be. They now have their answer. 

Long Island Teen Gets Accepted Into All 8 Ivy League Schools

Getting into one of the elite institutions known as the Ivy League is an experience only a select few get to experience. Being accepted into more than one is reserved for the best of the best. But getting an acceptance letter from all eight of them? That’s a rarity that surely has to be celebrated.

Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna, a Long, Island, New York high school senior and valedictorian was able to accomplish just that, according to Essence