Congresswoman Proposes $250 Million HBCU Innovation Fund Act

Rep. Alma S. Adams of the 12th Congressional District of North Carolina proposed a new piece of legislation that would help support historically black colleges and universities for the foreseeable future. Adams spoke to congress and introduced plans for a $250 Million HBCU Innovation Fund Act that will work to supply underfunded schools with financial support through grants, according to the Root.

Reportedly, the money the fund would collect and be responsible for distributing would spark the introduction of programs that would lead to higher recruitment, enrollment and graduation rates as well as bolster the schools’ STEM programs.

FAMU Offers Students Free Passports

Traveling abroad is an opportunity that many people elect not to take advantage of for a list of justifiable reasons. In other cases, they jut don’t have access. But Florida A&M University is making it so that not having a passport isn’t an obstacle for their students.

FAMU set up a program where, for one day, the first 150 students to arrive with a form of ID could get a free passport. Since the program started last semester, more than 400 have done just that, according to WCTV

Memorial To 22-Year-Old Member Of Omega Psi Phi Painted Over By Trump Supporters

If you visit James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia you’re likely to find a colorfully painted rock in the middle of campus. On any given day, the Spirit Rock will be painted as an expression of free speech by the student body. This past weekend, the school’s chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. – a predominantly and historically Black fraternal organization – used the stone to make a memorial for Jeffrey Matthews, Jr., a 22-year-old fraternity member who recently passed away.

Students spent hours painting the stone to remember Matthews, with plans to host a vigil soon after. But the next morning it was found that the previously purple and gold remembrance was now coated in white paint and the words “#TrumpTrain” and “Trump 2016” written in red. 

White Howard Student Apologizes For Old Tweets Including The N-Word

Russell Schiller is the Howard University Student responsible for starting the #BlackWomenAreGorgeous social media campaign. This movement gained a lot of public support and saw Schiller receive a considerable amount of support himself. But then, after some digging, many found some of his old tweets problematic.

Schiller, a white man, was found to have used the n-word on multiple occasions on social media, even as recently as July of 2015. To no surprise, many saw a problem with this.

Study Reveals White Teachers Expect Less From Black Students

Having diversity among school teachers is just as important as having diversity throughout the student body. If all goes well, it’s reasonable to say that the interactions will help all involved parties. But a recent study shows that things don’t often go that smoothly.

The Economics of Education Review included a study from Johns Hopkins and American University researchers, according to the Huffington Post. This study found that white teachers had overall lower expectations of their black students than black teachers. In some cases, the difference is quite significant.

Sean Combs’ Charter School Is Great, But Only Half The Answer

Sean “Diddy” Combs is making another huge investment. But, unlike many others he’s made over the years, this one isn’t going into a sports drink, television station, or music label. This investment is going directly towards his community and their future.

This upcoming fall, the Capital Prep Harlem School will open in New York City, which Combs played a pivotal role in creating. The charter school will start with around 160 students in both the sixth and seventh grades. The plan is for it to eventually expand every year until around 700 students are enrolled from grades sixth through twelfth. 

Microsoft Donates $1 Million to Museum of African American History

This past week has seen a lot of high profile organizations showing major support for people of color. It’s actually becoming quite a trend. For example, the first Congressional Caucus for Black Women and Girls was just crated and the NoVo Foundation is donating $90 million to helping women of color. Now, Microsoft is making this an official pattern – three times, remember?

The multi-billion dollar tech company has just announced that it will be donating $1 million to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, according to WTOP

Warren Buffett’s Son and Daughter-In-Law Will Invest $90 Million In Women Of Color

It’s not clear what made the light bulb come on, but it appears that people are finally realizing the important role women of color play in our world and how often life is made difficult for them for nothing else than being who they are. Just earlier this week, the creation of the first Congressional Caucus on Black Women and Girls was announced. Now, the NoVo Foundation is taking it one step further with a multi-million dollar investment.

According to NBC News, the NoVo Foundation, which was founded in 2006 by Jennifer and Peter Buffett, the daughter-in-law and son of billionaire Warren Buffett, will invest $90 million towards women and girls of color in the U.S. to address and diminish the hardships they often endure. The foundation claims this is the largest effort ever made by a private foundation to do so.

Howard Students Protest On Behalf Of Sexual Assault Survivors

Sexual assault on college campuses is a rampant issue across the country. But the way these issues are handled on campus – by school officials, faculty and students, alike – is just as concerning.

After a Howard University student came out on social media and said she was raped by another student, students took to Twitter and scheduled a public protest where they would stand around a dorm and chant “No means No!”

Chicago Teachers Union Vote To Hold Walk Out On April 1

The Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Public Schools have been struggling to come to terms on contract negotiations and how to fund school resources moving forward. As a result, the CTU has  voted to approve a one-day walkout on April 1.

According to NBC Chicago, Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis says the walkout would ideally have teachers picket in the morning before meeting up for a rally later that day.