Sean Combs’ Charter School Is Great, But Only Half The Answer

Sean “Diddy” Combs is making another huge investment. But, unlike many others he’s made over the years, this one isn’t going into a sports drink, television station, or music label. This investment is going directly towards his community and their future.

This upcoming fall, the Capital Prep Harlem School will open in New York City, which Combs played a pivotal role in creating. The charter school will start with around 160 students in both the sixth and seventh grades. The plan is for it to eventually expand every year until around 700 students are enrolled from grades sixth through twelfth. 

Microsoft Donates $1 Million to Museum of African American History

This past week has seen a lot of high profile organizations showing major support for people of color. It’s actually becoming quite a trend. For example, the first Congressional Caucus for Black Women and Girls was just crated and the NoVo Foundation is donating $90 million to helping women of color. Now, Microsoft is making this an official pattern – three times, remember?

The multi-billion dollar tech company has just announced that it will be donating $1 million to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, according to WTOP

Warren Buffett’s Son and Daughter-In-Law Will Invest $90 Million In Women Of Color

It’s not clear what made the light bulb come on, but it appears that people are finally realizing the important role women of color play in our world and how often life is made difficult for them for nothing else than being who they are. Just earlier this week, the creation of the first Congressional Caucus on Black Women and Girls was announced. Now, the NoVo Foundation is taking it one step further with a multi-million dollar investment.

According to NBC News, the NoVo Foundation, which was founded in 2006 by Jennifer and Peter Buffett, the daughter-in-law and son of billionaire Warren Buffett, will invest $90 million towards women and girls of color in the U.S. to address and diminish the hardships they often endure. The foundation claims this is the largest effort ever made by a private foundation to do so.

Howard Students Protest On Behalf Of Sexual Assault Survivors

Sexual assault on college campuses is a rampant issue across the country. But the way these issues are handled on campus – by school officials, faculty and students, alike – is just as concerning.

After a Howard University student came out on social media and said she was raped by another student, students took to Twitter and scheduled a public protest where they would stand around a dorm and chant “No means No!”

Chicago Teachers Union Vote To Hold Walk Out On April 1

The Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Public Schools have been struggling to come to terms on contract negotiations and how to fund school resources moving forward. As a result, the CTU has  voted to approve a one-day walkout on April 1.

According to NBC Chicago, Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis says the walkout would ideally have teachers picket in the morning before meeting up for a rally later that day.

Nate Parker Launches Film Program At Texas HBCU

If Wiley College sounds familiar to you, it may be because you have an encyclopedic knowledge of black history of you’ve watched The Great Debaters, which tells the story of the Texas HBCU’s debate team in the 1930s. Because things are always best when they come full circle, a leading actor from the 2007 film is giving back to the institution.

Nate Parker, who starred in The Great Debaters and directed the upcoming The Birth of a Nation, is helping Wiley College launch a new film and drama program, according to the Root. The Nate Parker School of Film and Drama will admit its first group of students this fall.

Chicago Mother Says School Security Handcuffed Her 6-Year-Old Daughter

A mother arrived at her daughter’s Chicago elementary school 50 minutes after being told she got in trouble for taking candy from her teacher’s desk. But when Marlena Wordlaw arrived at Fernwood Elementary School, she says she found her six-year-old daughter, Madisyn Moore, was handcuffed under a flight of stairs, according to NBC.

Church Connects HBCUs and High School Students For $2 Million In Scholarships

The Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, Va. has been helping make education more accessible to black students for decades. It’s most recent method of doing so has been the Annual HBCU College Festival.

The 14th Annual HBCU College Festival was held this past February at T.C. Williams High School and brought in more than 3,000 students from all over the country. By placing students in the same room as representatives of some of the country’s top Historically Black Colleges and Universities, more than 1,000 students were admitted into at least one institution and received more $2.1 million in scholarships, according to the Root.

Michigan Approves Nearly $50 Million For Detroit Public Schools

It was recently reported that Detroit Public Schools may be in danger of closing after April 8 due to a lack of funding and an inability to pay staff. It appeared that the only way to keep the school system open through the end of the school-year was for the state of Michigan to provide nearly $50 million.

Thursday, March 17, the Michigan House of Representatives passed a vote of 104-5 to allocate $48.7 to DPS, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Northwestern Introducing Asian American Studies Major In Fall

After a battle that Northwestern University students started more than 20 years ago, the Evanston, IL school will introduce an Asian American Studies major this upcoming fall, according to NBC News.

The Asian American Studies program was created almost 20 years ago after student protests, which included a 23 day hunger strike that started on April 12, 1995. Now, the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences is taking the next step and making the program available as a major for the first time.