Shooter And Victims of San Bernadino School Shooting Identified

Cedric Anderson was granted access to North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino, California because he said he had something to give his wife, Karen Elaine Smith. Unfortunately, once Anderson reached the classroom where Smith was teaching, he reached for a .357 Magnum and opened fire, killing Smith and injuring two of her students. Anderson then took his own life.

Anderson, 53, and Smith, 53, had gotten married in January but were already estranged for several weeks, according to The San Bernadino Sun.

How a Chicago mayor’s proposal to make post-grad plans a requirement for graduating harms Black & Brown students

Not content with over-policing Black folks in the streets and at their schools, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is now extending these practices into their academics. Earlier this week, the mayor shared his bright idea for requiring Chicago Public Schools students to produce a letter of acceptance from a 2 or 4-year university, vocational school, a branch of the military, or a job before receiving their diploma–starting with this year’s freshman class.

Why Stanford accepting the teen who wrote #BlackLivesMatter 100 times on his application does little for Black lives

By Tariq Luthun

This week, the story of Ziad Ahmed–a Muslim-American teen who was accepted into Stanford after writing #BlackLivesMatter in his application–went viral. Since the story dropped, many have come out in praise of the young man for his seemingly bold decision to write the politicized phrase on such an important application not just once, but 100 times. In this article for The Root, the author opens by asking the reader if our activism is “performative or substantive,” insinuating that Ahmed embodies the latter in a way that few others might.

Rahm Emanuel Chicago

Mayor Rahm Emanuel Proposes New Graduation Requirements For CPS

As a mayor, Rahm Emanuel is often criticized for his approach to solving Chicago’s problems. His proposal on increasing CPS graduation rates was no different.

The plan in question calls for CPS students to not be allowed to graduate until they offer some evidence that their next step in life is planned out. This evidence would come in the form of a college acceptance letter, a job offer or even acceptance into the military.

Ziad Ahmed

Muslim Teen Ziad Ahmed Accepted To Stanford After After Writing #BlackLivesMatter 100 Times In Application

According to Mic, Muslim teen Ziad Ahmed had a very simple answer when the Stanford University application asked, “What matters to you, and why?” All he could think of was: Black Lives.

Ahmed’s story went viral after he shared the news that he was accepted to Stanford. His story is more special than most because he chose to write #BlackLivesMatter exactly 100 times on the college application essay. Doing so was a gamble, but it surely paid off for the New Jersey teen.

Law School To Offer Class On HBO’s ‘The Wire’

HBO’s The Wire, which many consider to be one of the best television series of all-time, was a certifiable masterpiece. Not only did it offer never-before-seen perspective into the lives of its mostly black characters, but it painted a vivid picture of how the legal system operates from top to bottom.

Everyone along the chain of justice, including mayors, members of congress, police officers and drug dealers were highlighted in the exceptional show that’s still celebrated today despite first premiering 15 years ago.