Parents Outraged After Students Asked To Make Slavery Auction Posters

What’s so appealing about slavery that half-baked imitations of it keep appearing in our schools? Initially, the problem came up whenever a mostly white high school or a white HBCU professor held mock slave auctions. Now, an elementary school in New Jersey is dealing with the backlash of thinking it was a good idea to have students draw slave auction posters.

That Meeting Between Trump’s White House and HBCU Presidents Was Doomed Before It Began

By: Jared A. Loggins

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are in peril; crippled by, among many things, a system of unequal funding distribution at the state and federal level. HBCU administrators went to the White House last week keenly aware of this. They also know—or at least, they should know—that to enter a meeting expecting something noble and respectful, like a deep commitment to helping vulnerable Black institutions, is a pipe dream given this White House’s open hostility toward racial difference. The meeting was doomed before it began.