Minnesota Cop Who Shot Philando Castile Charged With Manslaughter

Philando Castille’s death was live streamed for millions as his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, sat next to him in a car after he was shot by a police officer in Minnesota. It was easily one of the most visible instances of police violence to date.

St. Anthony police officer Jeronimo Yanez, who shot Castille on July 6, has been charged with second-degree manslaughter and two felony counts of dangerous discharge.

LAPD Will Not Help Donald Trump Deport Immigrants

Donald Trump galvanized millions of voters in America behind his promise to not only build a wall along the US-Mexico border, but to deport millions of undocumented citizens as well. However, those plans have hit the first of a suspected many snags to come.

The Los Angeles Police Department has declared that they won’t play a part in assisting President-elect Trump’s efforts to deport any immigrants within their jurisdiction, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The Real Winner Of The Presidential Election? Chief Justice John Roberts

As the results from Tuesday’s presidential election rolled in state by state, half of the country responded with shock and disbelief. Throughout social media, post after post inquired how a Ku Klu Klan-endorsed candidate with no previous political experience, numerous accusations of sexual assault and multiple lawsuits could so quickly ascend to the highest office in the land.

Preaching to the Choir About Racism

“How many times do we expect Black people to build our country?” asked Samantha Bee on the episode of Full Frontal following the presidential election. I have asked this question many times and while I appreciate these sorts of sentiments from “woke” White comedians on a national level, at this point I don’t know that the jokes and the efforts to push the point carry much weight.

Why We Shouldn’t Call Drake’s Diss Track A ‘Clap Back’ At Kid Cudi

By: Imani J. Jackson

I want Scott Mescudi, better known as rapper Kid Cudi, to be okay – for himself, for his family, for his loved ones and for those who sought – and for those who will seek professional assistance like he did — when their burdens are too weighty, complex, and repeated to carry alone.

A few weeks ago, Cudi posted about his lived experience with depression, anxiety and the potential for self-harm, including suicidal ideation. He wrote, “It’s been difficult for me to find the words to what I’m about to share with you because I feel ashamed. Ashamed to be a leader and hero to so many while admitting I’ve been living a lie. It took me a while to get to this place of commitment, but it is something I have to do for myself, my family, my best friend/daughter and all of you, my fans.”

Sevyn Streeter Stopped From Singing National Anthem At 76ers Game for ‘We Matter’ Jersey

While football players have been protesting the National Anthem for months, the basketball season just started and it’s also getting a taste of the movement. But there’s a noticeable difference between the two sports. The NBA appears to be doing all it can to prevent the movement from spreading.

The latest evidence of the NBA not taking any chances with anyone adding a sense of politics to their platform came this past Wednesday.

Survey: Young people agree that Trump supporters are deplorable, here’s what it reveals about ‘political correctness’

Donald Trump is deplorable. There is no use going over all the ways he has proven this—the constant and despicable attacks against women, Mexicans, Muslims, prisoners of war, those with disabilities, and “the Blacks” in inner cities who are apparently running around shooting each other willy-nilly and just need stop-and-frisk to end their mindless self-destruction, to name a few—because many articles have already been written outlining each increasingly heinous thing that escapes his lipless mouth.

On Barack Obama, Absent Fathers, And The Jokes That Just Won’t Stop

Despite being published just a few months after I was born, I first read Barack Obama’s Dreams From My Father at 14. It was 2008, and it seemed as though the prospect of electing the nation’s first black president had consumed all of society. It had certainly taken over my family; for some of my loved ones, including my mom, it was their first time voting in a U.S. election.

Though I can’t quite remember who in my family purchased Obama’s autobiography for me, I vividly remember being captivated by his story.